Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Personal Lusts: (Unedited): 25 Dec 2012:

The person who only embraces a life of lusts and pleasures. Will receive all of there rewards and curses. C.J.MacKechnie
The immediate gratification of this persons life's focus will leave them without long term companionship and without genuine love. While at the same time heighten the probability of gaining disease, depression and untimely death.
Are these people having fun? Sure they are in that moment, when the cost of the fun and excitement seems to be free. But, the long term cost will always be the same. A meaningless plateau will be experienced when there is nothing which can ever become greater in experienced. The realization of a life wasted. In which this person will be remembered for accomplishing nothing of any real purposeful thing.
Even there own family and friends will only remember them as only loving and caring for the next fun event, the next drink, the new drug, the next thrill, the next excitement. 
The friends that this person will only have is those with the same intention in life. These lose associations are just that, loose and without any mutual love for the other person. because, when the other associated person stops the related activity. A new person will replace the one gone and the former apparent friendships end.
The long term cost is always more than you think.
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