Monday, December 17, 2012

Listening Leaves: (Unedited): 16 Dec 2012:

The lone leaf which falls from a community of trees and touches your ear. Might be a direct message to you that your not listening. C.J.Mackechnie
Some messages from God may appear to be random events. You may not be aware of this, God doesn't use the US postal service or FedEx to send messages or drop neon signs from the sky to get your attention.
The random events which you do not pay attention to, are possibly messages from the Divine just for you. Set your attention upon the falling leaves and listen to each of them fall. Will they be to you like tears of a crying tree or yawns from a tree soon to be asleep. Will you be like a happy child and see something falling from the sky so you can joyfully dance underneath the raining of leaves.
No matter your intention of attention, there is always a message for you, if your willing to listen for them. Yes, them. How many messages can be in a single falling leaf for you to become aware of?
You would be surprised to see and listen to how many.
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