Thursday, December 20, 2012

Organized Anarchist: (Unedited): 20 Dec 2012:

An organized and systematic anarchist is one to be genuinely feared by any ruling authority. C.J.MacKechnie
The anarchist who can organize the willing followers. Is a threat to the status quo of ruling authority.
The real and true power is and has always been with the common people. Once a leader acquires about 30% of the common peoples population. He or she can then limit resources, rights, freedoms and education to those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. By uplifting their most devout followers with education, weapons, training and comfortable lifestyles. The uplifted followers become a living castle wall of protection for the leader who desires to assume all power and authority over all. All of their actions will be for a myriad of reasons.
Think about the overthrow of the American government by the person who can organize all of the minority anti-government, anti-political, anti-wealth and anti-whatever groups into one unified anarchist organization. They will become a angry and passionate group of people. Who will have an effective change within society. Because, they will typically be godless, immoral with a zero right or wrong compass. The changes to come will be one without honor, honesty or integrity. While at the same time become the force which is the strong arm of wealth and power accumulation for a select few. Just like the leaderships in Communist Marxist Countries. Once the useful idiots become aware of what they have done and for whom they have done it for. It will be to late. The damage is done and their United States of America is no more. It's resources, industries, states, cities and lands sold to foreign entities. The profits line the few's pockets. The few who no one will suspect or even think to be the traitors is and are. The former American Traitors will acquire a wealth in the trillions of euros.
I've coined these terms about a decade ago.
Be warned of the Capitalistic forms of Communism. Where as only the elites have any wealth or opportunities. There will be total exclusion of the common peoples. Except for military service. There will be exclusion from the old families and the new upstarts.
Be warned of the Communistic forms of Capitalism. Where as only the acceptable people have access to any wealth or benefits. There will be exclusion of the common peoples except for those who can raise themselves up. The common people will also have military service as a goal. There will be separation from the old money and from the new money.

I'm pretty sure that there is further new terms which can be associated with Marxism, Fascism and Socialism. Before you believe that socialism isn't so bad. Do the research. Follow my wiki trail below. Educating yourself in the truth of any matter of interest to you is a piece to your freedom. For instance.
Is the division of the races true or false? Is the races of humanity fact or fiction? If you have followed any of my race blogs and have followed the facts. Then you know the answers and thus more free from lies and deceptions than before. For some people learning that what you  know is false is hard to chew on. Once you learn a thing is a lie and a deception means you will never be used again for the illegal benefit of others.

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