Sunday, December 2, 2012

Professional Advantage: (Unedited): 02 Dec 2012:

Professional advantage begins when you  study more than you(r) should (required). C.J.MacKechnie
One of the major problems in every level of the American educational system. Is laziness.
The laziness of educators at every level. This is manifested in only being required to do half or less of the required book/study work. This should be directly compared with any athletic sport.
In any athletic sport. If you want to be competitive you must run all that you must run, You must swim all of your laps. There is no swimming only the odd number of laps. There is no working in teams when running. There is no use of AID devices/tools such as being pulled by a boat when swimming or taking the bus when running. (Reference to calculators and computers which can be used to do all of the work your supposed to do).
To have a possibility of attaining a professional level in that sport.  You must develop cross training disciplines, such as weight lifting, improving flexibility, biking,  running when your a swimmer and swimming when your a runner.You must do it all and you must seek a discipline of perfect form.
To become one of those spooky few who become artists and legends, you must love it all and do all that you need and should simply because you want to. Not because the evil task master is behind you whip the symbolic slaves whip.
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