Sunday, December 2, 2012

Giving Lie: (Unedited): 02 Dec 2012:

Equivalent gift exchange based on gifts received last year. Isn't giving from your heart and thus a personal lie and a false measure of your goodness. C.J.MacKechnie
Think about this. If you give gifts of a specific dollar value in accordance to what you have been given gifts of a specific dollar value. Then you are not giving and thus you should stop playing the exchange game. Because, The gift exchange game during the holidays is to stressful for you. So, just create a generic holiday card explaining to everyone that this year has been rough and tough. How much has been lost and how your still so much blessed with good health and a simple place to live. How this is the best your family can do and are hopeful for a better new year to come. Of course phrase the words much better than I can and in a more generic sociably acceptable manor.
Then do all of your holiday shopping for yourself. After all, why worry about getting the wrong gift for people or for receiving the wrong gifts from people. That way you won't have to wait in the long return lines after the 25th of December. Well, You may still have to. But, you will be returning any defective product before the 25th of December and not after like everyone else.
 This is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the season is for this. The celebration of The savior births is to be celebrated daily through the real expression of love, compassion and mercy. Not in the exchange of gifts. The exchange of gifts takes away from the meaning of the life of Jesus Christ.
If you want to give a gift with genuine meaning. Give the gift of empowerment and mentoring.
Depending on your financial strength. Help someone help themselves. Here is one suggestion. From it you can create your own positive intention. Which will Better the World, far beyond the expiration date of any warranty.

1) Buy or pay rent on a trailer or an apartment. Long term would be cheaper than paying rent.
 Find a struggling person like a former foster kid who is doing their best. Make sure they are in school and getting the grades. Hold their feet to the symbolic fires of expectations. See what happens. Even if the person fails themselves. You have done something of true meaning. Even if it was keeping that person from being homeless for a time. 1 in 10 combined overall is the success rate in life for a former foster kid. I bet if you genuinely care for and support these kids. Your numbers will be better. If you advise and mentor these kids. Your numbers will be better. Merry Christmas will have a meaning for you daily like it never has.
These former foster kids or soon to be former foster kids. Often times become homeless on their 18th birthday in certain states with zero money, zero family, zero hope, zero support, zero education, zero job skills. What do you think they will be forced to do?
Why is there only about a 10 % success rate. Because former foster kids become homeless, mentally ill, jailed, Alcoholics, drug addicts, dead or somewhat dead.

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