Friday, February 22, 2013

Target Camera: (Unedited): 22 Feb 2013:

Government and security related cameras becomes the targets of snipers. The when and how this begins is uncertain to me. Probably, when the American government bans firearm ownership. While the politician will declare they have not banned any ownership of any firearm. The multiple layers of taxation and restrictions is in fact a n ultimate ban on ownership.
The increased taxation of every single gun related product will make ownership and usage of any firearm prohibitive to about 90% of the entire population.
The limitation of firearm ownership will also be a prohibitive factor in firearm ownership. Such as any crime committed by any family member, will prevent those other family members from owning any firearm. The Sandy hook will be cited.
This will also include any person who has ever been under the care of a doctor for psychiatric reasons. It will matter not if it was a simple one time counseling or if mind altering substances were prescribed. Time will not matter either. This part will be used against any military and law enforcement person who refuses immoral and inhumane orders.

The American Government will have to consolidate all information so that the status and history of every American can be easily seen and known.

The judiciary at every level will begin to force medicate troublesome civilians. Beginning in childhood. This will prevent more school shootings such as Sandy Hook. 

The spy cameras and automated spy planes used against the population will become worrisome for the entire population.

The American government must have absolute control over the Internet and internet access. Lets say the John Smith who has always been a law abiding American citizen. Refuses to surrender his guns. All because of some minor event involving a relative or as some reason stated above decades ago. The law men come. The shoot out begins. The civilian dies. The neighbors begins to voice decent of the government.
A person in the government can ban all internet access to that city, county, state, region or country. They can select to delete any message which contains the words John Jones, guns, death and etc. With a simple key stroke any rebellion is prevented and secrecy is maintained. If there is no communication coming out from the atrocity. Then no one will be able to react to it. No one will be able to prove it. No one will know.

Early Americans had their Tea Party. Will the soon to come Americans have a camera party? I'm sure someone will coin a better term than I have.

Cameras being targeted will only be the beginning. The American people must stop thinking themselves as Republican or Democrat. We are all Americans. We must vote in the Politicians who will exercise righteous wisdom and restore our country to it's former luster.  

I'm not sure if I wrote this down or have already published this content.