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Compilation of Dream Interpretation Responses: (Unedited): 16 March 2013:

 Partial Compilation of Dream Interpretation Responses. The original persons are kept secret. For their privacy, respect and honor. These are out of order. The divisional lines are inaccurate. Consider this a puzzle to be put into an organized and logical order.

A man had a dream of fat cows and tall grass. Beautiful days and starry nights.
How would you define this dream? It seem like it would be a wonderful dream to a cow farmer. It might be a dream where a vegan would vomit. It might illicit anger from a PETA person. For a city dweller he might be confused. For a man new to cattle farming. It might be prophetic and hopeful.
The point is. The dreams that you have cannot be defined by anyone or any book. This includes me as well.
The best and most accurate methods of dream interpretations is learning four things.
1. Learn how to debrief.
This is a skill which you can self learn. Then you can use it to help yourself and others.

2. Learning how to be a detective.
This is a skill which you can self learn. Learning how to see things and questioning everything. Like gathering puzzle pieces for an unknown puzzle. Often times. When many people get involved. They each bring to the table their own puzzle pieces or insights. Which seem to just fit together.

3. Learn your psychology.
This is important and incredibly revealing about your true nature and your internal conflicts. Learning about your own psychology. Will aid you in understanding your own dreams. What you learn about psychology in general can be used to help others. This I believe is the first step in dream understanding. Always, the first step.

4. Prayer and meditation. You can end with three and not do this one. If you choose. Sometimes, all of the above can fail, or ego won't let go, pride just won't accept and etc. You can consider prayer as telepathically talking to the source. While meditation is telepathically listening to the source. You should have a heart of expecting revelation. Which is followed by contemplation. Four parts each which will require dedicated time on your part.

5. The spooky.
I said four didn't I. The broadest definition of what is spooky applies. This is the last term which should be applied to any and all dreams. This is when nothing else in our daily world applies. Once you give a dream the spooky term. You get to return to debrief, detective, psychology and prayer/meditation.

This step by step plan. Can be altered and revised as you see fit.
I forgot a critical component.
During the entire process. You must be like a Vulcan. Absolutely logically objective.
Then after you have found all of the puzzle pieces to that obscure dream of your. Then you can be emotionally subjective.
Dreams seems like that old spooky mirror. All you have to do is step through it and learn as you go.
Dreams seem to be the door way which leads to other locked doors. Which leads to questions. The answers you discover and the corrective actions you make in your whole life. Is what unlocks the doors. Which leads to knew wonders to be discovered and more locked doors. Your emotional attitude, your logical need for discovery, your heart on each of the doorways. Seems to be all in agreement to unlock any door.
Kind of like the fictional character Nancy Drew. My daughter is reading me her scary books from time to time. That's what I tell her. Anyway Nancy would on purpose go into unknown and possibly dangerous situations with a heart of helping, with a logical mindset of discovery and with a spirit of duty. All working together to solve the puzzle. The importance of these books is teaching her skills for when we continue her own revelation of self discovery.
We as adults can do our own grown up research into more serious areas. Like how to be a private detective. Researching debriefing techniques use by the military and law enforcement. Begin a general study of psychology. All of this should be done for free from your local library and online with Google.
There also needs to be a lot of love, compassion and understanding when doing any dream interpretations for other people. Oh yea and being delicate. Which I'm very weak in.
When a person is suddenly confronted with deep emotional issues from the depths of their own mind. They can become angry, lie and deny, and accuse you. So, you should not argue with them at all. Just leave the information to them. So, they can work on it themselves. Its OK.
You may not be a BIBLE person. Read the story of Joseph. While he was in prison. He interpreted dreams. He was very frank and matter of fact. Some times after the deed is done. The price must be paid in full as defined by an outside source and not you.
 In dreams. Each person, creature and thing is a different aspect of you.
In your dreams. Everyone and everything and every person is YOU.
This is a wonderful dream about you. Let me know if I repeat to much.
Every person, every creature and everything in a dream is you.
You are you. You are the lions and you are the beach.
Like your comment said your not a violent person. Which may be why you thought of the fork.
Learn how to interpret your own dreams. By becoming your own NCIS agent or private detective.
Ask yourself a thousand questions. Question and test your ability to pay attention to details.
Like day time. Night time. Summer or winter. Color of the trees and what kind. Time of day. Beautiful day or stormy night.
By practicing on your psychological, fantasy fun, learning, message and change yourself dreams. Not only do you learn an incredible amount of information about yourself. You learn how to pay attention to details. Which in life is the difference between life and death or success and failure. Depending on the job title you hold.

Every aspect to a dream is crucially important. Including colors and those boring details.
The 5 am jolt. get rid of the aggressive alarm clock
Everything' everyone and every creature within a dream is you. Before a person quickly jumps to the conclusion. you must first rule out the primary purpose of dreams. Which are. To teach, to unlearn bad behaviors, For psychological revelations' fantastic fun fantasy and a few other. Which I just forgot right now. Then when you cannot assign any of the above reasons. Then you assign a spooky description as defined by you and others.
Warning. Revealing your dreams to just anyone. Especially in a world wide or galactic wide public setting as this. Is just like standing before them absolutely naked. Thus' instantly revealing all of your good' bad and ugly aspects of you.
This is a duality dream. A dream of guided revelation.
I think this dream started as a fun lucid dream of fantasy and then' something else began. something spooky. Spooky should not be assigned until after verification from other sources.
No matter if your awake or asleep. When an intelligent being or person is getting into your mind. Its called "pushing". When they are taking information out of your mind it is called "pulling". When this process is done on  purpose by two individuals with mutual agreements' Its called "Communications". When it is done without  permission by one party. It has an official designation. Its just plain "BAD". But' of course human history seems to tell us. That when one person or a group begins to believe that they are superior. We all know how ugly it gets. ANY SUPERIOR BEING WHO INVADES ANYONE'S MIND WITHOUT CONSENT. IS A BAD SUPREME BEING. No matter how fun and fantastic you supreme beings make the dream content.  My opinion.
The message of death underneath and life's continuation above ground. This part of the message which can only be defined by you. How do you feel about life and death. You mentioned Wales. How is this significant to you? Who died there?
The church and its meaning to you. Graveyards are often close to the old churches in the USA. Don't know about Wales. Christians are raised in church from birth, baptized, live a life in the church and then die next to the church.
The message of going back to the old church. May mean what was taught by the old church. Or the original meaning of Christs message to humanity or to you. The final definition of this dream is up to you.
In every dream you have. Every person, every creature and everything is you. The following questions is for you to answer. I do not need to know them. Unless you wish to discuss them privately. This is the detective and debrief part. All questions are not intended to insult or demean you in any way. It is a part of the process. That is all.
If you have studied any dream dictionary and believe it. Then you will need to refer to it as well as your own psychology in life. Then you have to figure out which is the best answer that benefits you best. For your growth. For your evolution and not for your agreement because it is enjoyably.
What does green mean to you? and how do you feel about the color green?
What is the meaning of a parakeet to you? Or your history with pet birds? Or a desire to have pet birds?
What was the dog trying to do with the bird? Before it harmed it? This could be a message for you to be careful when trying to help people. Unintentional harm can occur when helping others.
Then when you discover your error. The broken bird cannot be repaired or fixed.
the bird crashes in to the house. So, even if people come to you. Some may even desperately crash into you.
How do you feel about the particular house in the dream?
Of course you are also the bird. Who has been harmed in some way from the home your in. Why do you feel like you have a broken wing? This is symbolic to you in a way you can only define.
This is a psychological dream. A message from you to make those needed corrected actions in your life.
  Within every dream the bad and the ugly all aspects of your dream should /must be questioned. Like the good detective on the hunt for the bad guy. The bad and ugly must be included so that you must weed out of your life. So that the precious flower that you are can manifest into your defined beauty.
 The questions. Is both a teaching method as well as an empowering method for you to define your own dream. Yes, you must ask yourself a thousand different questions from many different angles. Then you must seek out the truthful answers to them all.

In dreams. All persons, all creatures and all things are different aspects of you. The story in the dream is usually about what is going on in your life in what ever time of your life. Dreams are incredibly revealing about your true nature. Be careful about who you reveal them to. Read my previous responses to dreams here. So, as not to repeat myself. Learn this process. This will empower yourself and when you correctly interpret your own dreams logically and objectively. your self correction, your growth, your ascension, your evolution. Will hastened in your own self defined time frame. My questions and comments are not to insult and I do not require any response. Unless you want to continue conversation. As your answers are for you and not for me to know.
OH YEA... Reading a dream dictionary may do more harm to understanding your dreams then good. As you are already fully equipped in interpreting your own dreams. So, you really do not need anything else. Except a how to.
 Your brain is a permanent memory device. All and everything which you have ever sensed, thought or experienced is permanently stored within your own brain. Assuming no illness or damage to the brain. Also, if your brain is clean......
Creating awake habits. Such as preparing your bed and yourself for a wonderful night of dreaming. Such as creating a non disturbed and non offensive to all of the senses atmosphere.
Creating a special place where minimal movement is taken to reach for your non offensive dream journal nite light. A special one and only used for this one purpose.
A special notebook and a special pen. Again only used and placed in this one easy to reach place.
If you have to get or add lumber to your bed to create space. Then do it.
Your alarm clock cannot startle you.
Create time to pray. You talking. To meditate is you listening.
Before bed give yourself permission to remember whatever it is you want and give yourself permission to dream about whatever it is you want.
Do not drink or eat stimulant food and drinks. Keep your mind clean.....
When you wake up. Wake up slowly. Without moving a muscle. Remember your dreams. Give yourself permission. That its OK to remember and to learn.
Slowly reach for your light, pen and notebook. Write down the date and time. Then write the words of your dream. If you do not remember but had dream(s). Write that down and the number of dreams. Everyday you write in your notebook. Everyday.
Pray and meditate. Tell yourself it is OK that you remembered or not. Give thanks and gratitude. Its all OK.
Then repeat daily. No vacations or holidays. Keep your mind always clean...

You are getting better at analyzing your dreams and seeing the depths of your dreams. There can be many layers or dimensions or story lines to each dream. Meaning each person, animal and things is all you. Each of them can tell a separate story or lesson in which you need/should to learn or to just become aware of. I do not think this is prophetic. Your own mind can mix a prophetic element into a dream with many different story lines. Each element of a dream should be separated from the other elements to easily ascertain it's individual lesson.
Added on12 April 2013: 

Typically in dreams. You are every person, animal and thing. The psychology of each applies to you. Analyze each aspect of the dream as something telling you a different story. It is like reading three different books or watching three different movies all at once.

Something which disappears could be something as simple as you changing your attention within a dream or something which you have decided is going to end. If it seems to be of nothing of importance, it is probably you changing your attention within a dream. If it seems important, Then you have decided it was going to end. This decision may either be the right one or the wrong one. If the aspect of the dream develops honor, integrity, character and all of those other words of description, your choice is probably wrong. If the aspect of your dream involves you changing your mind and quitting in regards to a crucible, life's challenges and other difficult tasks, in which the wise elders have told you you must complete. Then you should probably should listen to the wise elders. No matter how negative a description your culture places on the elders.
Three unicorns may be an indication of you wanting to remain a child. It could also represent the 3 very real gifts you were born with, possibly even magical gifts (How you think of them). The baby is being fed by one unicorn. This could mean that one of your gifts creates a new thing of great importance. No matter what you have learned about babies in school or culture. Babies are the continuation of humanity. Babies are also a new creation. Babies are important and represent life.
Research the "Meaning of 3" on Google. You had three aspects to your dream. Realistic, magical and new.

Look for the keys of gaining understanding. Remove your emotions from the dream and only think logically about each sentence written. Add content where ever you can to complete the dream message or messages. Within any dream there can be a variety of messages and lessons. Hence is the reason why dreams can be very reveling about your nature, the problems you face and struggles preventing your growth. Dreams can be fun and adventurous. Dreams can have a prophetic quality. Other people and or beings can even mask themselves within your dreams. All of these can be expressed within a single dream. The maximum amount of information relayed in the shortest amount of time. Very efficient.
Everyone and everything within the dream is under your creative control. Unless it is from outside of you. Even then, the beings must have your continued permission and your continued acceptance to have entry and to remain within your dream. BUT, if you are partaking any mind altering substance, drink, injection, inhalant drug. It matters not if it is legal or not. It matters not if it is culturally acceptable or not. The entity may decide to remain within you.
A being, human, ghost, demon, angel and spirit which is not of you. Can, Will, May exercise a level of psychological warfare, lies and deceptions to gain entry into your dreams as well as to remain within your dreams. Those entities which is and are purely good. May also exercise a level of identity deception in order to protect you from any HARM, while at the same time teaching you some important truth which is meant for you to evolve and grow from. Really, think about these two polar differences.
Such as a dream about an innocent and helpless kitten which has been harmed in some way. You pick it up and care for it. That is what any good person would do, right?. Then the kitten begins to express gratitude and it's love for you while answering your questions with seemingly innocent and fun stories about your death and destruction. What is the truth?
The being must keep you calm and nonreactive. Because, all you have to do is change the dream in any way and the evil entity is gone from you.
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