Sunday, March 17, 2013

Even Know: (Unedited): 17 March 2013:

Do you even know who you are?
Do you even know that God would give up a soul or two.
Do you even know that God would do all that he wills, just to protect you, Even if it's ugly for those who come against you.
Anticipate the news this day. Be saddened and humbled. Witness How God is to those who chooses unwisely and how your Heavenly Father shows his love and grace to thee. C.J.MacKechnie
As the good sons and daughters of your Heavenly father. The Sons and daughters who obey the words of your Heavenly father and live your lives which reflect and honor Him. Expect very real actions for your protection in your everyday life. Even if they are ugly ones against those who are against you. Because, you are with God, you live as God want, You do as God wants. All of those who come against you goes against God. Do you even know who you are? Do you even know how rare you are? Do you even know how important you are?
Know that all that you are willing and can do for your own children. Know that God is infinite and will do the infinite for his most loved and precious children. Don't you know yet? Don't you realize? That you are the sons and daughters of a very real Heavenly Father (God). That you are the brothers and sisters of a very real and alive Jesus Christ.