Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beginning Begun prophecy?: (Unedited): 23 April 2013:

Has the beginning of the end begun? Have the Man pairs begun to walk their walks and plan their plans. One older and one younger. One teacher and one learner. Each pair going in their own self chosen direction. All unknown and unaware to the whole of the civilian community.

First Boston. It was the starting gun. For the race to destruction to come. To the victor goes the resources.

Source of this Posting. 23 April 2013 @ approximately 1700 Hrs.
Wal-Mart parking lot and the shopping center parking lot across the street. Parking spots adjacent to bushes/trees. Near the middle and not along the perimeter Underneath clutter/trash. Walmart parking lot has many cameras. The shopping center across the street may be a target selection. A target selection is not a final decision on any terrorist act. Maybe, not the primary site. Law enforcement in this area has used large parking lots to set up temporary command centers. So if a certain public event is a selected target. Law enforcement, rescue workers and hospital tents would be set up in a safe place defined as a safe zone. Thus, secondary attacks could be pre planned before the initial target is attacked. Make sense? Not to me.But, I'm noticing patterns. It isn't enough to bomb people. They bomb symbols as well. They bomb dates to.

January 6th is just a day, no year mentioned.  Unless of course what I have been writing about in regards to a TET style attack.  For right now. I'm thinking less plausible. Where as random continued attacks would garner continuous news. Until, The governments attention is solely focused on it's own people. That they never see the few missile launches which go straight up (EMP).
The intent and purpose of this post. Is to prevent any and all attacks. To save life and property. That is all. Revelation of any prophecy changes everything or can guarantee the event. When in the hands of the people who can alter outcomes and impose methodologies of/for prevention.  C.J.MacKechnie
Update: 24 April 2013: 

Explosion Vision. Trying to re-see a singular moment in probable time. The following is only observations for those who know way more than me. Hopefully they will find the important keys to ascertain the true meaning.
Tarpon Springs, Florida.
SW corner of Tarpon rd and U.S. Hwy 19.
Close proximity to ATT and Bank of America. Mattress Firm.
No visible security cameras.
Trash cans at ATT.
Water Hydrant.
The area appears to be parking for Bank of America employees and ATM customers.
Employee parking for retail employees.
Empty school bus parking spot. Bus driver get coffee.
Two Homeless men hiding personal items behind large green trash can.
Staging point for cyclist.
Between Wendy's and Mattress Firm is Green trash cans.
2nd empty school bus pull up(0749). Driver gets coffee.
Assuming any of this is accurate and probable. The information presented can be used by the good guys in the American Law Enforcement agencies and the bad guys who seek to destroy the American way of life. It is my intention to prevent any more death and destruction, from any group.
It is not enough to simply study and know prophecy. For the reasonable and skilled person of great honor. If your heart dictates to protect the innocent despite orders. Then answer the natural demands of your good and just heart. Remain pure and become a singular source which prevents any and all undesirable prophecies.  Yes, 5+ Billion people is worth saving and maybe the entire human race. One life at a time. Regain sanity.
28 April 2013: The date given "06 Jan", Is just one date. There are other dates and other localities. The intention and plans of the individual terrorist groups plan and implement their own unique style of attack.  By however they each define it. So in effect they are each working alone, but they are not, They are controlled and commanded., which is the false premise put forth by the government and media outlets. Which may be necessary as you would not want your civilian population shooting everyone who simply appeared middle-eastern or Arab. No one should go out and begin shooting anyone.
For those who see possible future events. You must be aware that during their site/target selection phase. You may see various sites in which death and destruction is widely seen. It is easy to assume that what you see is another TET style offensive. You must understand that what you are seeing is just a collection of intentional targets and imagined as reality by the person or persons. All of which have been planned and implemented from within the minds of the individual terrorist or groups.

As the site/target selection is decided into one, two or three target sites. The vision of multiple and varied chaos will be fine tuned into a clearer singular picture. This will occur when the individual terrorist person or group, decides that the selected place is the actual target site. Then your vision becomes much more clearer. But, only after they have made that specific decision of that specific location. In prophecy. Revelation can change everything and anything. This should be hoped for. Especially if the prophecy is undesirable.  I always refer to the Bible story of Joseph and The Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had an absolutely true dream. Until revelation and implemented plans put into place. During their time. They did not have the technology to avert a natural weather disaster. But, Joseph mitigated and managed the Natural weather disaster. Thus changing the aspect of the Pharaohs dream of they are all going to die. That would really suck for a god to have all of his people die, with no one to rule over.  Thus, survival was made possible from an impossibility. Created by a simple human slave imprisoned.

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