Sunday, April 28, 2013

Social Capitulation: (Unedited): 27 April 2013:

To comply with social norms, which are based in accepted immoralities, lies and deceptions. Is capitulation by you. C.J.MacKechnie
To reject the accepted practices within your culture or the culture you desire to be apart of. Will always result in absolute rejection of you and an informal isolation pushed upon you. It will not matter if you are right or wrong or if the community is right or wrong. Your only option when you pursue righteousness and holiness is to create or join new collective communities. Freely rejecting all of the lies and deceptions of the world which has embraced the path of celebrated lies and deceptions.
Those who accept and celebrate lies and deceptions as truth are destined for extinction to it's predicted final degree.  
Any community based on the concepts of righteousness and holiness from various religions. Cannot and shall not associate or do business with any other such governments, groups, entities or persons. Who live in contradiction to those philosophies of Love, Peace, Harmony and the sanctity of life.
Of course, those governments, groups, entities and person who do not live or believe as those who live within a holy and righteous community may force themselves upon the innocent community without much effort. Abuses, mistreatment's, unfairness, enslavement and tortures  will be perpetrated upon the whole of the innocent, even until the innocent are all dead.
So, necessary efforts shall be made in the area of peaceful martial arts, education, scientific discoveries shall be made to protect the whole. While have the capability to spread life throughout the stars. Without harming any life. No matter the disagreement.