Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weak Bullying: (Unedited): 29 April 2013:

A weak minded person who has been gifted with physical size and strength, may resort to bullying and being a dictator in order to feel important. C.J.MacKechnie
Many people who want to stop and end bullying. 
They want everyone to report the bully to any authority figure. In which nothing will happen until after the fact. Teachers and administrator will do nothing for fear of their own lives. The police can do nothing if they do not witness the actual crimes.
Often only want to talk the bully to death.
They want to form support groups which only perpetuate victim-hood or the fearful possibility of victimization.
The only sure fire way to end and stop bullying of you or your children. Is two things.

1). The continual practice of a martial arts which suits your physicality. Including weapons.
2). Responsible use and skill development of firearms.
You can remain a victim or remain a helpless person who flirts with the probability of a future  victimization. Which may lead to your rape and/or death.
The prevention of rape is also tied to the continual practice of martial arts and firearm training. Revert to the in depth list in red. There is traditional information to prevent rape. such as.

3). When in any establishment. If you leave your drink or food. For any amount of time. Even for a split second. Your done eating or drinking that food or drink. Get new drinks. EVERY TIME.
4). Never ever leave with any stranger or give out your numbers. EVER.
5). Never ever leave any establishment with any new person or regular bar, club person. EVER.
6). Only go to bars, clubs and honk-tonks with a team of friends. Do not leave your friends or allow any of your friends to leave with any unknown person. EVER.
7). Park your car in a lighted and very public parking place or use valet. Valet is preferred if available. If the parking is not well lighted and security is not present and visible. Do not go there at all. EVER. No matter how popular the place is.