Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unfit Blessing:(Unedited): 29 April 2013:

The parent who believes their child is that inconvenient thing, which they have to drag around. Is unfit for the blessing they know not they have received.  C.J.MacKechnie
For some, Life seems to have dragged down the young parent into a sense of drudgery and despair. All of this despite of living in a beautiful city like Clearwater Florida. These parents seem not to be even aware of the negativity and hopelessness of life they teach through their action to their own children. They are also not even aware of the perpetual beauty that exists all around them.
Now matter how miserable and sad your life may be. All of the beauty of the entire universe is continually existing in a constant state of awesomeness, even right now. All you have to do is just look outside of yourself and into the world you reside in.
People pay thousands of dollars just to travel to Clearwater Beach, Florida and see the sunsets. All of these seemingly happy people are content with the very unique sunset they will see on a day of their choosing. That sunset will never be exactly the same ever again.
Beauty always exists even when your not feeling beautiful.
Life may not be exactly what you want it to be. It is usually like that for everyone to a certain degree. If you begin to see right now the misery, sadness, drudgery, despair that you are teaching through your words and actions. You are raising your children to be like you. An uncivilized animal trapped in an undesirable life. You can change and alter your children's life today. Simply by just identifying the beautiful world around them and the undesirable. You have the power to encourage your children not to repeat the sad woes of your own life. Encourage and push your children to escape from the gnawing teeth of cultures lies and deceptions. Teach your children anything positive and teach your children that everything positive is possible. By doing these things, you cease being an unfit parent and become that strong hurricane force of nature which moves your children into a better life. Which you may not had the opportunity to have.
Think about it.
Think about the hurricane.
If you keep your children within your eye. They will always be safe from harm. Then when your children become of age. They will see the best and safest way to out of the calm eye of you. Out of the darkness and into the horizon. The young adult child of yours sees only storm clouds. In every direction. Then when they look up and see the beauty in the center of their stillness. The wise adult child will see the best path is up and out. For many who have not been taught that everything is possible. Will not see their freedom in the stars of the heavens. If you begin to teach your children right now the positive things in life are possible. They will see the truth in your words. Even though those positive things may not be a current opportunity for you right now. They will see that your positive opportunity will be in the witnessing of the children you have raised. You are the sole positive force for your children to live a life worth living. They do not have to be trapped in misery like you are now. Push them up and out. Become the wind upon their wings which gives your children flight of true freedom.