Monday, May 13, 2013

Mars Valles Marineris: (Unedited): 13 May 2013:

The remains of a created object lies deep within mars.From the wiki photo. The object split into pieces. Which began a travel in different directions.  The size of the created object is enormous by today's standards. The impact or crash  occurred when the planet was still alive with liquid water.
The speed of the object was incredible. Possibly a large percentage to the speed of light. Some of the object may still be accessible. But, only a small percentage of the whole. This was war related.
Technology still available is sought. New Chemistry, biology, metallurgy and mineralogy also to be discovered. The historical value may be of the most importance.
The systems of power exploded near the middle of the trench. There were other explosions.
This contributed to the death of mars but, was not the only event.
:Added on 28 June 2013: The advanced artifacts which is spread all around this solar system is that of a war lost by those who occupied this solar system. Which means their technology was not sufficient to save them from an attack or a prolonged war. They were not superior. It may not even be known if they were even the good guys or the bad guys. According to the Holy Bible. The angelic wars. The bad guys lost. The bad guys did not become extinct. The bad guys are influencing us even today.  So an assumption without any fact can conclude that those who lived here were the bad guys. So, all that we may learn from re-discovering their technology, philosophy, thinking and believing may be all wrong.  A wrong path. A wrong Journey. Which leads to our dead end.
What ever is found or discovered. We cannot allow it to change or alter our old ways of thinking about holiness. About love, peace, Harmony and life. If we as a created species get away from the importance of life, Love, peace and harmony. Then we will end up just like those who lost so many eons ago. Before this recorded human time. The technology we would be using will be far more advanced than we could ever discover in the next several thousand years. Those who were victorious and have left this solar system has had an opportunity to advance their apparent more advanced weapons of war. 
There is another thought process I'm thinking of and may take some time to root out.  Notes to self. We are on a protected planet and solar system. 
May add more content later. Have head ache from this.
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: