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New Free Society: Bloodless Revolution: (unedited): 17-19 May 2013:

Those who have a difference of opinion or a different mind set as defined by the ruling authority. Will see a denial of services and exclusion within the new free society.
Lies and deceptions in any transformed society will be based in lies and deceptions. Such as those  who change any government from victorious wars actions. Will they themselves rule with a thirst of achieved power and authority. From this quenched thirst begins a satisfied pride. From the wealth and comfort of wars achievement begets a violent cruelty over those who questions in any way their new won rule. The outcome is the same despite the difference in rulers who seem to always promise a better life. The better life never comes for the common people as the limited wealth pie/spoils of war is divided up amongst the victorious war participants and their families. Leaving nothing left for the innocent common people.The suffering and distressed common people who seem to be perpetually the poorest and helpless of all. Know the truth of action over the words of those who claimed to be for them. Wealth, opportunity and true freedom is only for the new rulers and their relations/family/friends. While enslavement, a quiet tongue, hopelessness and a helpless state of being seems to be forever perpetuated amongst the common people. 
The change and transformation of any truly free society must be based in lies and deceptions. Because why would any free reasonably thinking person within any current free society be Willing to allow the newly elected rulers take away all of their GOD given freedoms?
Very easy to answer.
1). Wealth.          (It is always about the money)
2). Resources.     (It is always about the money)
3). Power.           (It is always about how to get more money)
4). Hate.              (It is always about how to take away the money
                            from those superficially different from you).
5). Godlessness   (It is about becoming a god. Making it a Right
                             for you to do whatever you will and then taxing
                             the people like the religions do. Which means even
                              more money for you)

The political and selfish pursuit to fill up the financial coffers only quenches their greedy thirst just enough to figure out how to get and take more. Even if it requires them to force the once wealthy common people to exist with only the minimalist amount of sustenance, housing, education and medical care. This even includes forced labor. Which those words will not be used. Different words will be used by the ruling authority and defined by them as their truth. Thus, When a person defines their own truth. They never lie. No matter their intentions. The word Enslavement changed for the betterment of us all. Government Managed jobs and duties to end the stranglehold of evil corporate business.
This can only work if the new ruling authority can hide their accumulated wealth and lifestyle from any questioning common person.
:Bloodless Revolution: 18 May 2013:
A bloodless revolution is one where the common people surrender their Freedoms, Responsibilities and Will without any blood shed. Becoming instant slaves and taxable property to ruling authority.
Asking good questions in any situation is based on a persons level of intelligence, education and work history. The greater of any of those three. Better the content and the formed question. If you can prevent or diminish any or all of the three. Then the population as a whole can be easily controlled  with the simple sound of the rulers voice.

To Prevent any enslavement to any people. No matter how the ruling authority names it and defines it. The common people must achieve a higher level of education and logical critical thinking skills then those who seek to Rule. That is it.

Once enslavement has become entrenched. What, how and to a ruler defined level of education, directly related to your job set has become normalized. Any person born like Nat Turner will be killed. Before, they can lead any rebellion. People like Nat Turner will be discovered through their excessive questions in their training years. The medical persons will deem those kids as mentally ill or defective. Then sent away to be medically dumbed down or killed. Study genetics. Study Breeding practices.  By stopping any genius kids from growing to maturity. You prevent rebellions for generations or for ever. It will be scientifically worse than you think. 
Did you know that ADHD doesn't exist? Go and factually prove it for yourself. I could find no real physical evidence. No real concrete provable test. ADHD is only proven through simple observation from a teacher (Which is illegal) or voiced from parent (Which is still illegal) to Doctor. Teachers and parents are not doctors and cannot by law practice medicine. Just follow the money. 
In mechanical machines we call a lack of fuel flow and the gaining of horsepower and torque as great improvements. In the human biological machine. We call the lack of blood flow into certain parts of the brain as problematic. While at the same time the brain works nearly twice as fast or faster, more than 20% more intelligent. We call that a defect. You need some critical thinking skills here.
My words are meant to prevent any enslavement within any group of people, culture, society, government or religion. This content is not a How to Enslave!!!
Added on 20 Jan 2016:
A word has come to me today "Exclusion".  I think 2015 is the beginning of the Christian exclusion within the USA. Yes there has been a build up over time. But, now discrimination against Christians has become actionable. As in with the Christian Cake bakers in Oregon. This is just the beginning. A time will come very soon when horrible and terrible things will happen to Christians and no one will know or even care. The crosses are coming down and the word "church" is changing to "center". Soon even that will not be enough.
American Christians have figured out how to live in the world and become a part of the world while professing their Christianity. I think this is done through privacy and minimal interactions with anyone else in church. The people who go to church do not seem interested in making relationships with any other. They seem to only want to feel good for their one hour of church service. While pretending to be good people only on Sunday. Of course this is not everyone. But, I think it is the majority. While the minority are those who go out into the world and peacefully protest evil. Will this minority become the chosen remnant as spoken of in prophecy within the Holy Bible? Will there be so few of the remnant in the USA. That if they all disappeared. Not to many people will notice. If they do notice. American pastors and religious leaders will ease all fears of any rumor that the rapture has occurred. By denying it and proclaiming that people just move around and leave. Or whatever other reasonable excuse which eases the minds of people.
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