Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Post USA Observations: (Unedited): 21 May 2013:

Please do not get me wrong. I love the USA. I want the Country as a whole to remain as great as it was or is. Here is a new vision which foresees the ending of the importance of the USA. It is related to the Brain Trust collective within the USA. I do believe the USA can be saved and saving the USA as the sole remaining free society, can save the rest of humanity. Saving the USA saves 7 Billion lives and or final human extinction. Can you see what I see? Would you want to? There are worlds within worlds. The dimensionality of the whole is all interconnected. Meaning the intentional effect we make in our own individual small world has a direct impact on the rest of the great bigger world of Earth and maybe even the whole of the Universes. What you do and what you think has an impact on the small worlds which are connected to your own small world. Then those small worlds  having been impacted by you, influence the the other smaller worlds which surround them by simple associations. Thus, never knowing that you were the originator of good or evil. What you do, what you say and what you think is that important. So, how will you change today and right now. Will you continue to pursue warfare or peace? will you continue to hate or to love one another? Will you prefer to live chaotically or in harmony? What you do right now, will eventually have an effect on some farmer in some mountain town on the opposite side of our planet, that we all share with one another. 

The greatness plateau in the USA occurred around 1973. Imagine a bell curve if you will.
From around 1973 through around  2003. Is the Great USA plateau. After, around 2003 the downfall had begun. The downfall may not be a steady free fall. There will be speed bumps as the downward slide progresses in speed. Until, any speed bump will not be felt or recognized.  The great communicators have been voicing the warnings to the citizens of the USA since around 1983.

Can you find the correct puzzle pieces and put together the various picture groups. This is prophecy. We are in 2013. The rest of 2013 can be predicted and prevented. Here is a key. Now matter what any person actively does to make it happen or to prevent anything from happening. Both actions together will only compound upon that which will happen.
It is only the condition of the hearts, spirits and minds of the whole population. Which can alter all of the bad and sad prophecies as spoken by every great prophet in the last 6,000 years. That is all which is required. A simple change of the heart. Choosing to discover within your own self the eternal spirit which resides within. The will within your mind can change you. Choose to think for good, kindness and compassion. That is all that is necessary. The world will change and all of the bad and sad prophecies will become stories for the elder wise to teach the young. 
Billy Graham is the key support structure which is slowing down the USA free fall. When Billy Graham goes to be with the Lord. There will be a great vacuum within the USA. Not even the likes of Glenn Beck can voice his will. Most people who listen to Glenn Beck changes not their heart. They do not take a compassionate action from the love within them. They hold in there love and only take action based on the anger in their heart. This is wrong.
No righteous person shall go into any military branch within any country on this planet.
If you truly are a righteous person. You shall leave the military service of any country on this planet. ASAP.
Yes, I know there will be those who are 1 day from retirement and they will lose all of their retirement benefits. This is not an easy choice for any one. The choice is simple. Human Life or Human extinction? The end of the USA comes and with it the extinction of humanity. Save for the remnant.
This also includes law enforcement personnel at every level of government. City, State, County and Federal.
The righteous person shall only do business with the righteous. 
The trading of clean goods with dirty goods only fouls both persons/groups. No matter their intent or purpose.

 It is time for the righteous to separate themselves from the godless into those places which they deem as survivable. By beginning to live outside of a which has no morale's, ethics or honor. A better life can be achieved. Especially, when the end of days tribulations are no longer an argued prophecy.
The righteous must become elected to every governmental office at all levels of government. The City, The County, The State and The Federal. 
This must happen right now. This is another crucial task for the righteous. If this one thing does not become a follow up to those righteous living a righteous life. The end of the USA is certain and so to humanity. I feel the time limit is the final sleep of Billy Graham. So, It is now a race. Can it be won? will it be won? All i can tell you is prophecy says "NO"!!!. But, all
 Prophecy is only that which is probable.
Not Absolute.
This new vision may be just a new observation. Especially if someone does the research to back up my claim. Maybe, someone else has spoken this before I have.
A great vacuum is puling away all that which is unprovable by the limited human natural senses.
The American intellect, Invention, adventure, creativity and leadership. Shall be pulled away from the godless and re-gifted to those strange faces who yearn for the American freedom. Even liberty and freedom is being pulled away from the godless. Maybe the new faces will choose godliness instead of godlessness.  The wise and sensitive amongst you can only feel the absence of  or something that which is now missing or less than. This will continue until not even your physical lives belong to you. Not even the clothing upon your naked bodies.
The wiki version is very limited in it's over all description. I use the word Brain Trust as those group of individuals who have achieved a status which is deemed superior to those who are merely professional. This designation can only be given from/by those professionals in that field or profession. Every profession and every field has their own Brain Trust.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1983_in_the_United_States  (I'm not able to see this puzzle piece.)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Graham  (Whomever is in charge of keeping Billy Graham alive.) (Better do gooder). (If GOD takes him. Then He just does). A living Billy Graham buys humanity more time. Even if he is in a coma. Not very compassionate for The Great Billy Graham. Billy Graham is our Exodus 17. Who will hold up his arm? Who will carry on?
:Sign Posts:
The most wealthy and powerful people in the world will no longer visit the USA for any medical
                care. As time progresses all able Americans who are capable. Will seek medical care in
                India and China. For Instance.
The majority of all American wealth will be outside of USA governmental control. 
The wealthiest and most powerful Americans will quietly seek education outside of the USA.
               as time progresses on, upper class and then upper middle class families will send their
               children abroad for an education. 
The foreign nationals will no longer come to the USA for an education, better life and freedom.
The most skilled, talented and brilliant of all Americans will leave the USA for the best jobs and
                 livelihoods. Never to return.
Chaos in California. Leave California very soon. Somewhat in Oregon and a little in Washington.
                  The logistics, transportation, warehousing and rail, will see a loss in jobs beginning
                   after 2015-2016. Desperation will rule in Cali. 
The national political leaders shall be bought and paid for by foreign nationals who own American corporations. Be warned when the politicians become very rich through their own self created non-profit shell organizations. It shall be too late for all Americans. Their common votes shall no longer matter. The American government will only be pay to play. The USA has become a foreign owned entity.
Pray and meditate constantly. Live a life as GOD would want you to, by your own choice free of threats. I believe all of the end time prophecies can be averted. GOD does not have to return angry. GOD can return in celebration. Either way it is all of our choices. Hope we all choose wisely.
http://www.stasiareport.com/the-big-story/asia-report/china/story/more-rich-chinese-park-their-wealth-abroad-20130508    (This is one factor which will encourage the United nations to seize control over USA assets.). Not just the Chinese but all wealthy foreign nationals.

The righteous family and church, must become a defensible force. Just the fact that every abled bodied person within a church congregation are all martial artists, trained and skilled in the use in fire arms, and knowledge in logical security approaches. Would be intimidating enough for any group to leave you alone.
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