Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Self Control: (Unedited): 07 May 2013:

The control and authority you desire in life. Must first begin with the self. C.J.MacKechnie
The control and authority you think you have in this life is an illusion. When you first think and believe you have control and authority in your life. This is an external illusion. Control and authority in your external life is based upon agreements, associations and relationships. All of which grants you the illusion of control and authority.

The control and authority of the self is first. Right? Think about this. You are a human animal defined as a bipedal mammal. As such your physical animal has certain requirements and desires which delve into the animalistic natures. If you allow the self to exert control and authority over the desires, needs and wants of the physical body. You will become stagnant in your life.
So, The lazy mind wants to make preparations for itself in order to survive and to become more comfortable. This is an evolution over the physical and animalistic domain. Until, such a time when the creative mind begins to discover crime, abuse, torture, cruelty, war, hatred, immorality, abandonment, and humanistic laws.
So, from the spirit being whom your true identity resides with is that which should have control and authority over your entire physical being. This is the governor, which can begin to bring about the revelation of enlightenment. Where love, peace, harmony and life can become the governing force in your life. So that happiness, joy and true satisfaction can be realized.
So, once you know there is a spirit world and that your spirit is just a small part of it all. There begins the search for God as HE/SHE is and always have been. So, where is control and authority supposed to be located?