Monday, June 3, 2013

Breeder Function: Woman Superior: (Unedited): 03 June 2013:

A woman who is reduced to her most basic function, Becomes a breeder. C.J.MacKechnie
A woman who endeavors to be equal to a male. Must relinquish her genetic status of being superior. 
Any aspect of your femininity which is relinquished. Is a piece lost from your wholeness.
Losing your name of woman or female is a symbolic strike against your whole nature.
De-emphasizing your ability to grow, develop, nurture and raise up your born children. Devalues your whole humanity and DE-evolves you.

When you lose the feminine aspect of you. You become an empty shell of a mammal animal.
When technology can replace your womb. You will no longer serve a purpose. Other than becoming a spiritless robot. That knows not any emotion.

The final demise of your femininity is when you become nothing at all. Because you have relinquished all that you are in the name of equality as defined by a twisted and insane mind.

A breeders only purpose is to make babies who are owned by others. Just like pet farms. Once the womb can no longer bare children reliably. The breeder is euthanized. That is just how it is done with animals.
The entertainment value of a female also DE-values the person. A female athlete who the world cheers only sees the victories and losses. No one ever considers the sacrifices or the personality of that person.  

Rejoice in your female nature. You are wonderful and beautiful. Celebrate and embrace that you are given the responsibility to perpetuate life and to direct that life in a specific direction. Women are incredible beings.
On going thoughts.