Monday, June 3, 2013

Obituaries Increase: (Unedited): 03 June 2013:

The departure from free medical care to government mandated medical care will be witnessed by those who notice an increase in the obituaries. 
 This is a prophecy.
The common people will also begin to notice that a larger number of people are dyeing. Instead of half pages or whole pages in larger cities. The newspapers will be printing whole sections.
This will lead to a decision to print only the interesting or important people who have passed away.
People will be going to more and more funerals, more often.

The business of funeral homes, grave yards, cremations and casket sale will sky rocket. invest in these areas. For long term growth. There will be a bell curve associated in numbers of deaths.
Revelation changes everything. The newspapers may limit obituaries at the get go of the medical transformation. But, No one can hide the number of funerals. 
:Update 04 June 2013:
The medical brain Trust within a country which has free medical care. Will begin to leave for other countries. There they will lead in the Universities, hospitals and in practices. Leaving a vacuum of intellect, skill and technology within the Country which has transformed into government mandated Health care. They will never return to their former Country. Even those foreign nationals which have received their education and training within the free society. Will they themselves leave and return home with their families and wealth.
The medical universities will begin to suffer as they lose quality professors and unable to attract quality students. The wealthy people within the free country will send their own children abroad for their educations. This is already happening.
To continue medical dominance, growth and evolution. You must have and grow the replacement persons. If you have no one to replace the old guys. You end. If the old guys and those a little younger decide to go abroad. You end sooner.
The term brain trust used here is outside of the current Wiki definition.The brain trust is those persons who are seen as the top tier of intellect, education, training and skill. When the Brain trust within any defined group is lost. The whole of that defined group can crumble to the point that it may/will have to be re-created from scratch.
Free is used in this instance as freedom and not cost.