Friday, July 12, 2013

Arrogant Pride: (Unedited): 10 July 2013:

The man who cannot be defeated by any other man, may end up a victim of his own arrogant pride. 
The man who cannot be defeated by any other man, may end up being easily defeated by his own arrogant pride. 
The greatest fighter of our time. This is proven. Only to be defeated by his own arrogance. Do not get me wrong. I like and follow his professional fighting. I am not one of those who enjoys Mr. Silva's final defeat or any defeat. I am a fan. I am saddened at how he lost this fight. I have been saddened at his arrogant shows in the ring. Respect and honor should always be maintained in and out of the ring. His lack of respect and honor for the fighter before him lost him his title. I am sorry for having to write this about Mr. Silva.
 This is not just about Mr. Silva. It is about any person. who begins to believe that they are so much better than anyone else. That you become blinded by your own superiority. That someone who is not as talented as you will just show up and blind side you with severe embarrassment. This is about you the reader and me. No matter what position you hold. You have an effect on people. An arrogant doctor will lose their patient, who was supposed to survive. An arrogant lawyer will lose justice for their client, who needed it most. An arrogant business person will lose contracts and cost the corporation additional losses. 
Added on 22 Nov 2015:
 Ronda Rousey has lost the championship at UFC 193. Respect and honor. I believe lost her the title. Ronda Rousey is very dominant and that no other woman could ever defeat her.
Then in her personal life. She took another woman's husband.
During the beginning of the fight. It is honorable to go forward to express respect your opponent. Ronda Rousey does not and rejects Holly Holm.
As it turns out Holly Holm is a preachers daughter. As the new champion. Will Holly Holm maintain respect and honor as a preachers daughter?
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