Friday, July 12, 2013

Animal Choices: (Unedited): 10 July 2013:

Supremacy, Existence or Victimization are the only life choices in the animal kingdom. 
If all that which is important to you is being supreme or just existing or keeping from becoming a victim again. If those are your only options in life. Then you are slowly De-evolving back into a basic animal. Something to be compared to an ape. Hope seems to have escaped your own reality, even to the point of not being aware of hope or hopelessness anymore.
In the animal kingdom those are not really life choices either. They are what each animal has been born into. A basic animal is only aware of the low stature of family, their skin color, their social class, their common cultural normalcy. An animal cannot stop being a predator or prey, constantly foraging for food or just existing, being victimized or killed. Nothing else really matters to the animal except for procreation and often.
Just think about this for more than a moment. Ask yourself some basic questions. Like.
Are you an animal? Well, yes the human Being is a mammal. A mammal of Earth genetic origins.
Are you more than just an animal? well are you? Are you living like an animal? Do you think like a un-evolved animal?
Does your belief system prevent you from attaining more than you have now?
Does your social class prevent you from achieving more than those who are also in your social class?
Do the social classes above you and below you reject you in hateful speech and actions?

Can you not see the comparison between animals in the wild and the human animals everywhere?
Are you a slave? It matters not how you define slave? Here in the USA slavery is thriving under different titles. In the world slavery is still slavery. To end your slavery look at what you are denied by law, society and culture. You will find one word. That word is education. Education from the sources and not from those who want to educate you in how they want you to think? That is brain washing. Asking questions of your teachers is a sure fine way of identifying the brain washers. Asking if you need to learn math without a calculator or computer is important? If there answer is "NO", Then you have discovered a teacher who is brainwashed or knows they are brain washing the students. probably the former. No you need to have a proper command of your language? If the answer is "NO". Then you have found someone who wants to keep you enslaved. Do you need to know history? If the answer is "NO". Then how will you learn the mistakes from the past and not repeat them, such as slavery. Here is a slave which shares my birthday. Nat Turner. His owner said the slave will not be happy slaves if they are educated.

Any person, religion, politic, culture, society who denies you the ability to achieve more than you are now,  is your slave master. Look to even the laws. Look to even the use of alcohol, cigarettes, legal drugs and illegal drugs. All of which is allowed to exist in order to make you into controlled cattle and keep you as cattle. So as long as you partake of any mind altering substance. You will not grow, develop or evolve into a better human being than you are now. In fact you will De-evolve or remain a basic animal.

Your spiritual growth when you are absent from any mind altering substance is your greatest freedom. that no one can control. All you have to do is, of your own free unscripted choice, is pray, meditate and contemplate. Then patiently watch how the whole of the universe actually is. Moses saw one bush on fire without burning. This was told as the first occurrence. The truth of the burning bush awaits your discovered revelation.
Added on 11 Oct 2013:
The importance of education and how it can prevent you from becoming a slave.

:The Lies and Deceptions of RACE:

We are all one humanity, one species and one family. When all of the common peoples unite together to love one another, to live in peace with each other and to exist in harmony. Then we all can find a very rich life we all can live with great meaning.
If you cannot separate yourself from the lies and deceptions of the separation and division of the races. Then you, your family and your entire church will/may not be one of the elect, protected, saved or raptured. You must begin to know and believe that we are a single race of beings called humans. We are all brother and sister to one another.

The DNA fingerprinting was established in 1984. Read it well. Believe the truth and reject the lies you have only known as truth.
The history of humanity told by many different traditions.
From about 8 minutes and 50 seconds to the introduction of the European leader. Listen good. This was in 26 June 2000. President Bill Clinton Library.
Research for yourself the Human skin. learn how it is the largest organ of the human body. Learn about all of the primary functions of the human skin. Then learn about the minor function of the coloring of the skin. Learn how if you lose a primary function of the skin. You can die. Where as if you lose your skin coloring. You will just be uncomfortable, but still living with possible social ridicule. Now, after you have learned all about your human skin. Ask yourself this. Why do we not compare other organs of the body with other people such as the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and etc. How come there isn't racial stereo types for those who can drink much alcohol and those who cannot drink? Why? Race or the coloring of the skin is illogical and without any actual fact. 

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