Friday, July 19, 2013

Easy Journey: (Unedited): 19 July 2013:

The person who always chooses the easy journey in life. Will miss out on physical growth, mental development and spiritual evolution. C.J.MacKechnie
This journey of your life  is one of opportunity. Everyday you have the opportunity to do a thing which will benefit others and/or benefit you. Everyday you have to proactively and on purpose to DO something which will cause you to become physically stronger, mentally sharp and more spiritually aware.
To do nothing causes stagnancy in your life which in the short to medium term. Your entire being will become weaker over all. Until you get to the point of not being able to even do for yourself.
Physically what this means is you have to always do something. You have to either do something to maintain or to grow, develop and evolve.  It is and will always be the greater intelligent effort to grow, develop and evolve your entire being.
This just seems to be the fact of life. As we human beings begin to embrace mental development, historically it has caused diminished physical growth. Meaning it seems the smartest of people seem to be the slightest of all. This statement is not true in every case but can be typical. Same with those who seem to be the strongest of all. They seem to be the least mentally educated. Of course this to is not true in every case but can be typical. Those who seem to be the most spiritual of all also seem to have become the most helpless. The human awareness seems to be expanding into the separateness of the three parts of being. The physical, The mental and the spiritual. Once awareness and knowing of the three parts is complete. Then the self realization of merging of the three parts into oneness can begin. Thus the balance of the whole self like a three way scale can be achieved and maintained.

The next step of new humanity comes when a person seeks a balance of physical growth, mental development and spiritual evolution. When this can be achieved. Something very interesting shall happen to you. I have no clue what it may be or if it will take the intentional mindset of your family to get there in a dozen generations. Can you imagine your family 12 generations from now who all have chosen to live by this simple concept of balance evolution. The end result can only be good. Maybe it is the first step of becoming actual walking Jesus Christs or  fictitious Jedi.
Can you be the beginning of your family to live a life of pursuing balanced evolution? Can you teach your own children to follow your own path? Can you become the wise elder who teaches the grand kids and great grand kids daily? Is it worth it? Is it possible?
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