Thursday, August 29, 2013

Experienced destiny: (Unedited): 29 Aug 2013:

Your destiny will only be experienced in the here and now. 
Every single moment in your adult life is your destiny experienced. So, if you like the outcome of your life right now. Continue on and continue to move forward. Continue to experience your destiny daily.
So, if you dislike or even hate the outcome of your life. Know that this is your destiny. This is your current here and now. You have three choices in this life you hate. 1) Continue on, 2) Just stop, 3) Change now. You are the only one who can alter your current state of affairs.. The effective changes you make in your life right now and all of the other right now's to come. Will eventually alter your destiny into something much more favorable. Just don't quit! Do not stop! Do not Give-up! Do not surrender! Do not retreat!

It doesn't matter how you really feel about today. Because your destiny in which you experience right now is the logical conclusion of all of your decisions (Right/wrong), actions and inaction's. It matters not if your even aware of all of those variables that took place to create the life you have now. The life you have now may not even have been your fault. Never the less, It is up to you to make the best future you can for yourself and for whomever you call family and friends. So, what shall you do with the life you have now. Continue on with living a miserable existence or do something much more positive? Everything is always a choice until to evolve to a point where doing right is not a choice.

We live in a time where a person can have more than one career. We also, live in a time where education is now perpetual. So, change your life into something more positive. Have and use your evolved awareness greater than that of any animal. By lifting yourself up and out of the filth of your life. Then never return back to it. You have always been empowered to do this. Even if you knew not of it.
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