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Social Deceptions: (Unedited): 15 Aug 2013:

The person who blindly believes in the lies and deceptions of social injustice. May become so enraged that he can harm them-self or others.  
Just look at the wiki on Social Injustice. There is no real clear definition of social injustice. It is personally defined by each individual in respect to how unfair their life has been. The distribution of wealth and advantages for each person is of big importance to the person who has been caused to feel the injustice or unfairness in life. So, this term social injustice which has not been clearly and definitively by those people on this whole planet which is far more educated than I, all have failed to define this term. Which is an indication that social injustice is a lie and a deception.
In time how far back can you go to feel social injustice? How long is fair? Or is it never fair and social injustice is merely a ploy to get a failed group of people to go on perpetual demonstrations. Just to prove a point.
You are responsible for you and your actions are yours to reap the advantages, disadvantages or both.
If you went to college and incurred a ton of personal debt and yet you did not excel. Then your debt is your problem and not some social injustice.  If you went to college and decided to party and cheat. What reward shall benefit you. A job which profits you greatly?
Yes, maybe on the first job, until they figure out your a cheating loser. Then you get canned or fired.
No, you unwise fool.
In any down turn in the economy. The first to be let go are the dead weights, dead ends. Those who cause the most problems in corporate life. Those close to retirement.

Did you go to college and get an arts degree or a philosophy degree? And you cannot get a job which pays well. Then your decision making capacity needs more infusion of logic.
The term harming can mean verbal expression resulting in loss of employment.  This is professional harm to ones self as seen in the news of ESPN professionals. Those were racists comments. Race seems to also go hand in hand with social injustice. Please read my race comments at the bottom. The separation and division of the races is a lie and a deception. We are all one human family, one species and one race.

Social injustice

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Social injustice is a relative concept about the claimed unfairness or injustice of a society in its divisions of rewards and burdens and other incidental inequalities based on the user's worldview of humanity. Immorality is often used as a synonym for this. The concept is different for different worldviews of persons and societies. Conflicts in definitions of social injustice is increasingly a platform of emerging political parties. For some societies, social injustice includes the distribution of advantages and disadvantages in society aren't equal. For other societies, social injustice includes repressing peoples' ability to be fruitful for themselves and the society they are in.
Social injustice is used as a slogan by certain societies to oppose other societies' definition of social justice. Current hot topics include wealth distribution relative to labor, skill and responsibility, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, religion, homophobia, racism, patriotism, casteism, capitalism, classism, ableism, ageism, stereotyping and sexism

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Social injustice

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Social injustice is moral unfairness or inequity in the division of a society’s rewards or burdens. Differing perceptions of the presence and inevitability of social injustice lie at the root of many of the world’s political conflicts.


  • Et, se venons tout d'un père et d'une mere, Adam et Eve, en quoi poent il dire ne monstrer que il sont mieux signeur que nous, fors parce que il nous font gaaignier et labourer ce que il despendent? Il sont vestu de velours et de camocas fourés de vair et de gris, et nous sommes vesti de povres draps. Il ont les vins, les espisses et les bons pains, et nous avons le soille, le retrait et le paille, et buvons l'aige. Ils ont le sejour et les biaux manoirs, et nous avons le paine et le travail, et le pleue et le vent as camps, et faut que de nous viengne et de nostre labeur ce dont il tiennent les estas.
    • If we all spring from a single father and mother, Adam and Eve, how can they claim or prove that they are lords more than us, except by making us produce and grow the wealth which they spend? They are clad in velvet and camlet lined with squirrel and ermine, while we go dressed in coarse cloth. They have the wines, the spices and the good bread: we have the rye, the husks and the straw, and we drink water. They have shelter and ease in their fine manors, and we have hardship and toil, the wind and the rain in the fields. And from us must come, from our labour, the things which keep them in luxury
    • John Ball, quoted in Jean Froissart Chroniques (1369-1400), Bk. 2; translation from Jean Froissart (trans. Geoffrey Brereton) Chronicles (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1968) p. 212.
  • For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.
  • Il n'y a de société vivante que celle qui est animée par l'inégalité et l'injustice.
    • The only living societies are those which are animated by inequality and injustice.
    • Paul Claudel Conversations dans le Loir-et-Cher (Paris: Gallimard, [1935] 1984) p. 22; translation from The Independent, February 6, 2001.
  • It's the same the whole world over:
    It's the poor what gets the blame.
    It's the rich what gets the pleasure;
    Ain't it all a bloomin' shame.
    • Chorus of "She Was Poor but She Was Honest", an anonymous street ballad of the late 19th century; cited from Eric Partridge (ed. Paul Beale) A Dictionary of Catch Phrases (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986) p. 267.
  • O esforço humano consegue, quando muito, converter um proletariado faminto numa burguesia farta; mas surge logo das entranhas da sociedade um proletariado pior. Jesus tinha razão: haverá sempre pobres entre nós. Donde se prova que esta humanidade é o maior erro que jamais Deus cometeu.
    • Human effort may manage at its best to transform a starving proletariat into a well-fed bourgeoisie; but then a worse proletariat emerges from the bowels of society. Jesus was right, there will always be the poor among us. Which proves that this humanity is the greatest error that God ever committed.
    • "O Natal" (Christmas), from José Maria Eça de Queiroz Cartas de Inglaterra (1879-82); translation from José Maria Eça de Queiroz (trans. Ann Stevens) Letters from England (London: Bodley Head, 1970) pp. 36-7.
  • Where Plenty smiles - alas! she smiles for few,
    And those who taste not, yet behold her store,
    Are as the slaves that dig the golden ore,
    The wealth around them makes them doubly poor.
  • Ye have the poor with you always.

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Dated on 15 August 2013 @ 2049 HRS. EST USA.

The Lies and Deceptions of RACE:

We are all one humanity, one species and one family. When all of the common peoples unite together to love one another, to live in peace with each other and to exist in harmony. Then we all can find a very rich life we all can live with great meaning.
If you cannot separate yourself from the lies and deceptions of the separation and division of the races. Then you, your family and your entire church will/may not be one of the elect, protected, saved or raptured. You must begin to know and believe that we are a single race of beings called humans. We are all brother and sister to one another.

The DNA fingerprinting was established in 1984. Read it well. Believe the truth and reject the lies you have only known as truth.
The history of humanity told by many different traditions.
From about 8 minutes and 50 seconds to the introduction of the European leader. Listen good. This was in 26 June 2000. President Bill Clinton Library.
Research for yourself the Human skin. learn how it is the largest organ of the human body. Learn about all of the primary functions of the human skin. Then learn about the minor function of the coloring of the skin. Learn how if you lose a primary function of the skin. You can die. Where as if you lose your skin coloring. You will just be uncomfortable, but still living with possible social ridicule. Now, after you have learned all about your human skin. Ask yourself this. Why do we not compare other organs of the body with other people such as the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and etc. How come there isn't racial stereo types for those who can drink much alcohol and those who cannot drink? Why? Race or the coloring of the skin is illogical and without any actual fact. 
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