Friday, September 13, 2013

Fire Fire: Unedited: 13 Sept 2013:

Fire shall be the future of a planet when those who live upon it contaminate it with radiation and alter it through genetic manipulation. C.J.MacKechnie
Fire shall purify all of that which has been done. Thus, Natural life can be renewed.
Sin harms life. Genetic manipulation changes life away from the natural. Radiation destroys the building blocks of life.  When man harms a planet so much. It may become necessary to save a viable planet through a process of purification by fire. Thus a clean planet can be replanted and renewed.
This is prophecy.  It is not my prophecy. The thought I bring forth is just a possible reason why. The fire storm shall come to purify all life and things. The blame is not of those who shall purify this world, but rather a necessity by those for all of the wrong decisions we have all collectively made which is killing this planet.
All bad and sad prophecies can be averted. Through active changes in lifestyle choices by each human being. By rejecting the notion using any Genetic Modified Organism. By ending the use of any devices that utilize nuclear energy.
Electrical transmission lines are a necessity for energy delivery throughout a region. So why not plant large multiple scale natural gas power generation plants in close proximity to the actual sources of natural gas sites. By ending the use of nuclear energy. Any nuclear accident can be averted. Such as in Russia and now Japan. The Japan problem may become world wide as life in the pacific ocean may mutate and or become extinct. If life becomes radio-active in the pacific ocean. How will the people eat? Possible realization of Biblical prophecy here.  How much life in the oceans die and how many people will starve from it? What does the Bible Prophecies say about the percentage of life loss in the oceans? Is this the beginning of global starvation of peoples who depend on the oceans as their primary sources for foods?
It is not my intention to only reveal or to proclaim bad and sad information. It is also to empower everyone to think, to consider, to plan and implement new strategies for a positive change away from anything which is bad and sad to possibly come.

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