Thursday, September 12, 2013

Within Before: Real Steal: (Unedited): 12 Sept2013:

Before you work your work,
                   race your race,
            and fight your fight.

You should have already worked your work,
                                         raced your race,
                                  and fought your fight.
All within the confines of your mind.
Positive mental training is very necessary in life. Just as negative mental training should be avoided. But, for some reason, Most of humanity prefer negative mental training through their personal media devices. Even news sources is a source of negative mental training.
Your personal pursuit over things which are truly of absolute minimal importance. Should be a real concern for you. Such as freely giving your attention to entertainment personalities and the knowing of their every day lives.  By you freely and possibly unknowingly focusing your attention to those kinds of peoples. actually steals time away from your own positive development of your own life as you see it to be in the future.
Real Steal: (Unedited): 09 Nov 2013:
Your excessive pursuit of any/all thing/s entertaining is you allowing an unreal thing to steal your very real life away.  

Finding your entertainment value in how rich and famous or any other  people ruin their lives is proof of the ongoing negative mental entrainment within you.  One should not smile and cheer at how people have done things to ruin their lives or ruin the lives of their children. Who is truly the father of that baby? How many baby mama's does he have? Who cheated with who? and etc. Why are the cops always finding the possible shirtless bad man under houses?

 These are just not important for the limited amount of time you have with your own life.

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