Sunday, September 29, 2013

Worker Problem: (Unedited): 29 Sept 2013:

The worker who can only see all of the hard work they are doing and knowing they are not getting what they think they deserve. May begin to become a psychological problem for the whole of your work force. A breakdown of your chain of command authority as well as over all trust.
The unhappy worker who holds onto their anger. May become a demoralizing factor within your work force. It doesn't matter if your employees claim to be empathic or not. We all are. So, an angry person who is in close proximity to all others will just cause others to be angry just like they are. Just by the angry persons presence. Other workers may not even be able to say why they became angry. They just know that they are. Thus, when this occurs. Productivity declines and accidents increase. Profits plummet and costs run high. Mechanical breakdowns occur at a higher rate than the predictive average. Mechanical wear and tare becomes obvious to visual inspection. Purposeful damage and mistreatment occur. 

One person can inflict this psychological down fall within your organization. To the degree that when your most sensitive employees begin to always feel angry just by arriving to work. They begin to look for a reason why. Being the typical nice person that they are. They may not point fingers to any one person. Instead they may look to recent corporate changes and immediately blame them. The nice and friendly sensitive person who has always been your best employees. Will need a management person to seek them out and inquire of them why they feel as they do? These nice sensitive people will be one of the firsts to seclude themselves as a means of self preservation. You need to get the names of those people who are uncontrollably angry and who are running their mouths. If this angry person or people is or was a key person(s). Then you should make amends by any means necessary. If not then they need to be let go. A fox in your coup always creates chaos. 
  Sometimes cleaning house is necessary. Sometimes people become so demoralized that they cannot return to their former productive record. By revealing the whole truth is necessary. Revealing that the original angry person was so-n-so and they made claims which were unfounded. If there were corporate changes. Then corporate needs to explain why and the need to do so. In order to protect the corporation, the plant and their jobs.

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