Monday, November 4, 2013

Contrary Life: (Unedited): 04 Nov 2013:

When your life history in action has always been contrary to the meaning of life. You should not logically expect a high quality of life as a predicted outcome. 
What is the meaning of life?Have you gone so far as to ask that question? or has apathy so infected your humanity that you no longer care for anything or even your own life?
 The path to suicide at any level is apathy.
Suicide can be done by the individual, country or entire planet. Is suicide an aspect of life or death? Of course you know that answer. The universe has an importance to maintaining life. Death happens to the insane and the unmoving. So be rationale and move.

If you have been reading any of my blogs. It is all in there, it really is. The meaning of life surrounds you and me and it is all the same everywhere. It is absolutely logical and can be easily predicted. The pieces of the formula has been taught to many different cultures by their own prophets. 
No matter what I have written or how I have written it. Search and find for the positive message in each one. Some may require much intellectual exercise. But, you will become stronger for them. This is what you should do in all things in life. Find the positive, even if all of humanity has walked the path of global suicide. yea, that is beyond my own capabilities even though I know it to be true. Find the positive and use it for your own personal motivation and inspiration. By doing so, you become deserving so and from that expectation, you create it so. This is not meant to be selfish , more predictable is the intention.
This is how to end the insanity of global suicide.


This is how you progressively move towards the insanity of apathetic suicide at any level.
Death=Hate+War or Conflict+Chaos
Musings of an American Truck Driver