Friday, November 29, 2013

Roller Coaster Security: (Unedited): 29 Nov 2013:

The person who can objectively manage the insanity of their chosen business  on a daily basis. Has job security no matter the ride on the economic roller coaster. 
The good boss or bosses always seem to know who can handle their self defined tough situations without whining, complaining or helplessness.
This is important for those young ones who are new to the adult working environment.
Become self empowering and self motivating. Become self inspiring.
Develop the attitude of getting the job done better than anyone else can. Create the belief in your bosses that they will need to hire two quality people just to replace you.
Become cross trained in many areas of your work place. Become comfortable with switching jobs and duties on the fly.

Avoid the fools comments. I wasn't hired to do that? Not my area of responsibility! It's break time or smoke break time. My back hurts. And etc. These types of workers will pollute your mind and attitude. Especially if you are any degree of an empath.

For the empathic worker. It is important that you remain in control of your thoughts and feelings. As a matter of fact you can do as the very negative people uncontrollably do. They all force their own negativity upon everyone without regard to anyone else feelings or even well being. Exude positivity all around you and every where you are about to be. Those people who genuinely want to feel good and positive will. those who relish the air of negativity will become angry. Maybe, they will become angry to often and quit or get fired. Those who live within the darkness of negativity cannot stand being in the presence of the loving light of a positive mind set. Just stand your ground and do not become negative, angry or hateful. This is exactly what the negative people want from you. This is where their power resides. When you deny them their dark power. they will have nothing to drive them. Once their focus is upon themselves as being fundamentally wrong they will go hide in a dark place with the cock roaches and rats.

Musings of an American Truck Driver