Saturday, December 28, 2013

Directional Empath: (Unedited): 18 Dec 2013:

The young empath only knows your joys and sufferings without knowing why.
The young empath needs to be taught the two way directional flow of emotions and energies.
So that when the young empath realizes that he/she can have a positive impact on another persons well being in a positive way. This will possibly empower the young empath to assist those who are suffering.
The young empath who knows not their empathic gifts can also fall victim to those loved ones who tend to always be negative, worrisome and looking for all of the wrongs in life. For the young empath who has to endure years of these emotional and mental thoughts from others. Can train that young empaths mind into very negative thought patterns. Which would become a normal and regular state of being.
As the young empath becomes older. He/she may begin to transmit their mental and emotional negativity into other unsuspecting people. Even to their children and great grand children. Causing those young ones harm. Without ever knowing it.

Yes, even Grand parents can be emphatically unaware of what they do by their natural gifts. By the simple fact of dis-belief from decades within the Christian church. Which many define any of the spiritual gifts as demonic, occultism and sorcery.
The young empath who may not be entirely believing in their gifts may not even be aware of any outside influences upon their mind and heart. Thus, not protecting themselves from those negative influences. The continuous flood of negativity will be believed by them as their own and not from a loved one or friend. Over time. This belief of theirs that all of the uncontrolled negativity that they have felt and thought. is their own and Will entrain their young mind into only thinking about negative things.
Serious Note: I am not writing this so you can assign blame upon anyone. Especially, for something those persons may not even be aware of or believe in. It is my intention for you the reader to become self empowered. To become self motivating and self inspired. Begin to pray and meditate. Begin to change your own negative thought patterns into positive ones.
By doing these things. You can begin to make a positive impact upon this world. You can protect yourself from all of the negativity which surrounds you. While at the same time transmitting a very real positive influence upon others.

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