Friday, January 17, 2014

Prophecy Celebrated: (Unedited): 17 Jan 2014:

The prophecy which is interpreted correctly is an opportunity for every one to prevent it or mitigate it. The revelation of a prophecy is not meant to be considered an absolute and celebrated. 
This is a repeat thought process. One that seems to need to be expressed again
This is an all inclusive quote. One which embraces all societies, Cultures and religions. It does not matter whether or not you are in agreement with one group of people or at war. This is an absolute truth. A truth in which those persons who are more enlightened, more wiser and way smarter than I needs to accept and understand. Because, the survival of you, your culture, your society, your religion,your nation and humanity is at stake.

I am not asking you to totally agree with and accept the lifestyle, culture or absolute freedoms of anyone or anything and etc. I am asking you that if there is a person or several persons within that organization of any type who seems to be gifted with prophecy. That person should be listened to and their words thoroughly tested. There should not be a consideration of accepting that person, unless of course he/she is in compliance with the formula LIFE = LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY. Then they are from GOD.  If anyone expresses Death + Hate, War/Conflict, Chaos, then you should know they are not from GOD. Even if they only express one element of the death formula and then back up their element with the formula of life. They are still wrong. To go to war because you love your country does not promote life. Anyone who allows chaos to thrive, just long enough that they can create a solution. Is still evil. Anyone who prevents anyone with any solution to stop or mitigate any manor of suffering, simply because it did not originate with them. Is evil.

The divine words spoken from any person should be of more importance than the person. The person should not be placed upon a pedestal and worshiped.  For the person shall end but the words given to that select person from GOD shall not.
It is of importance for any good society to thrive and to grow and it is of importance that any bad society shall perish. Not by the hands of the good society, rather the bad society shall self destruct in time. The good society shall not mix with the bad society. The good society shall not allow bad elements to enter into it. Such as absolute rights and freedoms.
The good society shall evolve all aspects of development. Including the ability to move through the Heavens. Thus, the emergence of the capability to see and to re-direct any space born threats. Yes, Even in the Holy Text of the Holy Bible. Their contains a prophecy of a great impact from a celestial body. A good society will do everything in their power to prevent or mitigate this Holy Prophecy. Which would then become an incorrect prophecy with the Holy Texts of the Holy Bible. Will it? Is that what I really am trying to express? No, it is not. All undesirable and unwanted prophecies should be accepted. Then actively prevented or mitigated. That is all. It is not my intention to make any Holy Text, Holy Person or anyone wrong. Only to express that the fundamental intention of any bad and sad prophecy is supposed to be met with absolute logical question on how to prevent and or mitigate.

All peoples should not throw up their hands and completely accept their physical demise with cheerful celebration. This is insane and not the my believed intention of GOD.  
It is just like, It is believed that GOD/ALLAH is going to destroy humanity again. When the truth is. It is humanity who destroys itself. GOD needs not to do any destroying himself. Although GOD is going to actively save his chosen.
Flee from all sin and sin no more. 
Love one another
Live in peace
Exist in harmony
So that we all can have lives worth living

All soldiers, warriors and fighting persons. Go home to your families and fight no more. Put away your weapons and choose to war no more.   By doing so, will take away all of the power from those leaders who confuse the elements of life with elements of death.
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