Saturday, January 18, 2014

End of Musings of an American Truck driver series: Effective Quotes: (Unedited): 17 Jan 2014: 18 Jan 2014:

Yesterday 17 Jan 2014.
 I surrendered my CDL (Commercial Drivers License). Also, the selection of quotes for the third book of "Musings of an American truck Driver has been selected. I actually have more than 333 quotes selected. Some will probably not make the cut because of possible duplication or just not very good as defined by the Wife and children.
The third book should be published sometime soon. Just waiting on the artist to create a cover art. Also, waiting for the editing wife to begin her process.  Yes, it will be available all over the world via
At this point not really sure if I will publish any more books and under that format. I have many books already outlined but no artist willing to do the art. That is the way I guess it goes with an unknown book writer such as myself. I have learned a lot and it was worth the effort in-spite of poor-dom. Quote books do not sell very well when all of the famous people give them all away. Which is as it should be. It is more important for people to think about things which can cause them to make decisive action to change their lives for the better.
 First Quote after losing CDL:
 Effective Quotes: (Unedited): 18 Jan 2014:
"The effect of any profound quote is to cause a definitive positive action within the heart of the reader". 

The word reader can be exchanged with listener or viewer as it applies.
Because of the picture published inside of Volume 2. It raised the retail price  a little higher than I expected and dropped the profit received. So, volume 3 will not have any added art inside the cover. Volume 2 maybe re-published as volume 2.2. Not sure yet. Must consult the accountant wife.
Musings of an American Truck Driver