Monday, January 20, 2014

World Ships Notes: (Unedited): 20 Jan 2014:

Ships of immensity roam throughout the galaxy. These ships are larger than the planet Earth. They are surrounded by powerful magnetic fields. These huge ships have the power to move planets to specific locations within a solar system or to move planets to another solar system. They can alter spin rates and orientations of planets.
These huge ships have the ability to create small stars and to manage them. Thus, these ships can create solar systems. So, any alteration and management to any object inside of a targeted solar system can be managed, even stars.
These solar system creators. Travel throughout the beginning of life zone creating new solar systems for their defined means. Placements of technology are planted within the planets to monitor that planets development. If the planet develops outside of the range of predictability. Then their world ships will return to bring back the planet to their defined set of normalcy. Their technology is dimensionally based. Which means the structures can be present and yet not within our own perceptions of dimension. Some may even call them spiritual structures.

If genetic manipulation has occurred and has deviated beyond their specific norms. Then all life would be managed. If genetic alteration has gone beyond manageable limits. Then planetary purification will begin. There would be a possibility of those who are genetically pure or within defined genetic limits. They shall be saved. They being plant and animal life.

These world ships have the ability to change and alter matter at their most basic levels.
These world ships have the ability to change and alter energies or energy conversion.

These world ships were designed to create place for life to develop, grow and to evolve.

These world sized ships can also be weapons of warfare. Any object which comes in close proximity or is deemed a threat to the ship or to the solar system. The world ship can re-integrate all of it's energy and matter into anything it wants. Thus any energy based weapon fired upon it. All of that energy will be absorbed. Any projectile based weapon fired upon it. Will also be converted into useable energy by the world ship.

The world ship can even attract all forms of matter to rest upon it's surface. Thus, creating an exterior shell of planetary life.

The appearance of the world ships can look like anything from a ignited small star to a dark star. It can look like a planet of any sorts. It can even mask itself with all manor of energies. It can even hide itself in a dark shell.

There are many world sized ships. Only very few have such power and capabilities.
Some are not so nice.

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