Sunday, January 26, 2014

Putin Forgives: (Unedited): 26 Jan 2014:

Prophecy. Those who secretly left the USSR during the great cold war with the USA. Will be legally forgiven and encouraged to come back to the Country of their origin. Without any risks or legal troubles of any kind.
This just came to me. I'm not really sure if there is or was legal problems for those who left the USSR or now Russia.
President Putin will go on the media and proclaim this law as being enacted. This may be propaganda against the USA. During this time the USA will be going through some very difficult times. Many peoples will be leaving and going back to the country of their origin. Seeing that opportunities and freedoms no longer exist within the USA.
President Putin may even open up Visa's for American's who have specific skill sets.  An open invitation to American business investors and owners.

Added on 12 Feb 2014:

From Oct 2013:
Added on 08 Oct 2014:

I think this is a hit.  Except no Putin on TV. Not that I have found yet. But, this is good enough. This would be a partial hit as of now. Something to evolve. It looks like President Putin was on TV. Just not here in the USA.

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