Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Walmart Vision: (Unedited): 18 Feb 2014:

Walmart will in time rid itself of the majority of their entire work force.
With robotics.
Walmart will embrace the self service approach to all aspects of their store plans.
To some it will appear that a Walmart has turned into a giant walk through vending machine.
All of the robotic networks will be hidden behind walls and shelving. The robotic systems will move product from the ceiling area and downward. The systems used by delivery services will be adapted to and for Walmart. Touch panel displays will be handy for automated services and Q and A. Which should be minimal because Walmart has already trained their customers to not ask questions about product availability. If it is not on the shelf then they are (OOS) Out of Stock.
Business will be booming and so to their profits. There is supposed to be another big dive in the world wide stock markets. Probably deeper than that of 2008. Does the world survive it? Of course. After the event. All stocks will plummet. Including Walmart. The weeks after the fall. Walmart will be a wonderful investment. It is now for long term. As Walmart rolls in the new automated freight delivery and stocking systems. The employees also known as associates will be let go. The new employees to be hired will be those with robotics technology, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics and electronics backgrounds.

This new system will be used in all of the retail stores, Sam's Clubs, distribution centers and the newly created ship container receiving/ distribution centers.

The Walmart corporate entity has left the Sam Walton philosophies far behind. No longer will their people matter. Only the profits.

When Walmart rolls out this new automated robotic system. Virtually every retail store in the world will not be able to compete. The cost and problems of employees will end for Walmart.
2016 begins a new era in Transportation within the USA. With the new savings from transportation services which will begin when the Panama Canal is completed. These new funds can be diverted into other avenues of creation or just to pay off the investors. Those corporation who just pay off the investors will lose as Walmart may decide to invest in robotics technology. Especially if there is an employee event which will cause the corporate persons to rethink the importance of employees. I think there will be a negative employee event and Walmart Corporate will begin their Robotic replacements for each employee. No, there won't be 2.2 million robots all over the world. There will just be a robotic system. That whole system will replace the associates.

The negative employee event will probably include world wide media coverage as well as political involvement at all levels of Government. Sales will drop for a period of time. Stock prices will fall for a while. Then the people will go back to shopping at Walmart. Then the changes will begin.

The testing process has already begun with the new self check out lines. 1 employee with their cash register and 10  automated cash registers. Look at the savings and productivity. The customers have chosen the machine over the employee. The same thing has happened with Banking.


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