Saturday, February 22, 2014

Drama Friend: (Unedited): 22 Feb 2014:

The person who has to explain to their friend the drama queen on how they do not have any drama in their life. Is unwise to have a friend who is the drama queen.  
I over heard a conversation of a woman on the phone with her friend the drama queen. The woman was upset on how she had become entangled in some sort of drama caused by her friend. 
If you do not want drama in your life. Then do not associate with family or any other person who is know to have continual drama in their lives.
A good and happy life is really that simple. Disassociate yourself from those who create and perpetuate problems.
below is two topics with no separation. rewrite and edit.
It is OK to leave them behind as you move forward, as you develop, as you grow, as you evolve. Those who continue to remain in their own self created negativity are worse than stagnant in life. They are actually De-evolving into something less than they are now. What is worse they know not of this and will actually blame you for trying to advise them otherwise.
Then comes their smart arse responses. Your so smart, how come your not that kind of professional? Whatever? You know everything? and etc.
These negative and dramatic people become so prideful and egotistical in their own argument on how they are such a failure and how this particular event wasn't their fault. That whatever you say which is contrary to their negative thinking and emotions. Causes you to be the bad person. Even though you are the one which is righteous. Which may mean demonic control is at play. The demonic control main purpose may be to cause the righteous person to no longer lend a hand and assist those who are in need.
A demonic power who is unable to control a righteous person will infect a weaker mind/soul. Just to cause spiritual and/or mental harm to the righteous person. Just by causing the righteous to think and believe that it is not effective to lend a hand when the hand is bitten by so many.
Drama can be the effect of a demonic power attempting to influence a righteous person into inactivity. The righteous person may want to help and assist but does not out of fear.

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