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Ghost Plane 777: (Unedited): 16 March 2014:

How do you steal a plane? Just exactly like what just happened with MH370. Is this to be the first of many to come.

Malaysia flight MH370

I think this plane was stolen and I hope it has crashed somewhere west of Australia. Can you imagine? I said, hope.
Because, I see two possible things for this plane in the future and it's technical upgrades.
A). The plane has landed safely in some remote airport and garaged, up to 7,725 miles away assuming winds and other flight characteristics. The plane may have been able to refuel mid route and then continued on to final destination. At which point the plane is being cannibalized for parts. All of the passengers and crew who were not involved will have been killed. This seems so dis-respectful for me to write these words. Please forgive me. All of the parts will then have any identifying marks scratched off and re-programmed(flashed). Then those parts and engine parts will be resold on the near cheap. The sources and trail of all of those parts will be questionable enough for all of those smart law enforcement people to track them down and take action as deemed necessary.

B). The plane has landed safely and as above. The outcome is not pleasant for the family members of the passengers and crews not involved. The interior of the plane will be stripped of all unnecessary accessories like seats and others stuffs. I think this is still in question because the new owners may want it to take on passengers. So, as to give the appearance of legitimacy. I see reinforcement of the 5,330 cu ft. cargo area.
This plane will also have the new ability to change its own pre-programmed plane identifier codes. However they are officially named. Which means this plane can fly a route and then change designations when the goodbyes are declared with the former control tower. Then approach a new control tower with different numbers and an already expected flight plan. From a different airport that they never originated from. This plane may even be able to mimic another planes transponders codes in flight. Thus, confusing officials.
The maximum safe takeoff weight is 656,000 pounds. That is with passengers, max fuel and cargo. So, the question is how much weight can this plane safely hold per square foot of cargo space? Then those who are in the know. How big of a nuclear bomb can fit into that cargo space? and Shielded.
The plane may also be painted with leaded paint.

There has to be a finite amount of Boeing 777 aircraft. So, when there is plus one more than expected aircraft flying all around the world. That should raise an alarm. Maybe a program can be written to count the total number of airplanes and compare it with the actual number of airplanes. Something like that. Include every airplane and enable physical inspections of actual airplanes on each airport. Many times a day- every day. No matter the size. World wide.
Could this become the airplane which delivers the prophesied nuclear bomb to New York? In which a variety of events could happen.
1). The plane is allowed to fly directly over New York City at a determined safe altitude and is detonated. The result would be the approximate death of 20-50 million people after 1 year. The radioactive cloud travels the North eastern coast of the USA and then onto Western Europe.
2). The plane is gently shot down before it approaches the coast of the USA. In which just as it impacts with the water. The nuclear bomb explodes upon impact detonation. Flooding most of the North East coast of the USA with a great wave.
3). The plane is absolutely and excessively destroyed thus preventing a nuclear style detonation. I am not sure of the probability of this. Because of the impact style detonator built into the Nuclear bomb.
As with any content that I post it is up to you to discern what is true, righteous and authentic. Always pray and meditate before you take in new information about anything. 
I've been following this JonathanKleck on YouTube.

There are more New York City prophecies. So, you do the research for your self. If you want.
It is up to you to ascertain the truth through logical interpretations, prayer, meditation and fasting. 
The purpose of any bad and sad prophecy. Is for you and the leaders of the world to either prevent them or mitigate them. In order to save the most lives as possible. It is the same with a mentors words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is up to you to do the necessary effort-ed work in order to for you to see what the mentor envisioned for you. Then go one step further and be more than even the mentor thought you could become.
Repent and flee from all sins.
Love one another.
Live in peace with everyone.
Exist in Harmony with all.
What I have written in blue is the absolute thing which prevents most of the bad and sad prophecies from ever occurring. The bad and sad natural events still would need a unified humanity to prevent them from happening. This can still be done. A unified humanity who embraces love, peace and harmony is a species of created life that the fallen angels cannot manipulate. No matter how powerful you know them to be-reader.
 In which the fallen angels are very powerful beings/aliens. This planet and even the whole solar system may legally belong to them. Jesus, knew this and was even offered this whole world from satan. Jesus did not argue the point of ownership only the point of whom to worship.
Current possible locations of plane.  Pakistan, Iran, (Deleted North Korea).
Expect up to 100 persons involved. Including those who were just paid to look the other way.
Myanmar (Burma), May have been a fuel stop.
If I receive more information. Then I will add them with dates as is typically done.
16 March 2014 @ 2116 HRS.
Having a lot of technical difficulties and lag time. 
Added on 17 March 2014: A new video from
The plane is inside of a hanger. One of the first things which may have been done to it, is the erasure of all easily identifiable markings. Counting and locating all of the Boeing 777-200's should be done and the one extra should be "DA Plane Boss". World wide physical inspections should already have begun for all of the planes.  
Also, with satellite imagery. look for a newly deep pit, which may have been dug before the taking of the plane. There should be relative closeness to a runway capable of landing a Boeing 777-200. Now, with satellite imagery, that deep pit is filled in.
@2103 HRS.
I still have some questions.
Can a commercial airplane become reprogrammed with new transponder codes? Then be turned back on to become a different airplane? So, if yes. Then look for a ghost plane which originated somewhere but in actuality never really departed. Then at an approximate time and location. The transponder was turned back on and the plane flew on without any regard to any official. All is normal. While the whole world looks for flight MH370. It is safely flying on as a different airplane. To it's final destination.
Can a passenger be zip tied to the chairs on this plane?
Why would an airplane fly at 45,000 feet? Is that higher than normal and how would that affect the passengers and crew? Would that create an opportunity to neutralize passengers and crew? Who did not have O2 to breathe?

I wrote the title of this blog before I actuality wrote any of the content. Which is typically opposite of my normal.
The term "Ghost Plane 777" was an odd thing for me to write until i saw the new video from //
Is the plane real or not? 
@2134 HRS.
154 Chinese were on board this airplane.
What would China do or is going to do? I see a lot of things happening to see if the Chinese leadership will actually step up and take a more responsible role in world affairs. Not really sure if this is good or bad. Actually, probably bad since the Chinese leadership has decided to put it's money into military hardware and not into space. China is still destined to become the worlds trigger or under the control of another entities finger.
This may become a united world front and the hunt for all of those responsible to go on secretly. Thus, no answers and then someone will put out a video that the UFO's took the plane. I found dozens of ufo/mh370 videos. Go Figure.
Added on 18 March 2014:
News reports that flight MH370 could be in Taliban controlled Pakistan.
From the Glenn Beck program.

Added on 18 March 2014:

Added on 19 March 2014: Steve Weyerts
Plane may be in the south Indian ocean.
Added on 21 March 2014:
Who were on the MH370 Flight?
It is up to you to discern the truth behind all reported facts. Do not simply believe a reporter. Dig deeper for yourself.  (Added on 22 March 2014)

I still think the missing plane is just stolen. Those important persons for one of the reasons why ?they? took the plane are or were still alive.  where? Not where directed. Possibly in easy reach.
Added on 22 March 2014:

Who would or could plan such a theft and coordinate an event such as this?
How important are 20 military engineers/scientists? Some who are military patent holders of really cool stuff.
The loss of a $261,000,000. airplane. Are the prices in parts more valuable than an actual airplane? like it is in automobiles.

Stolen (Military) Brain Trust. How much is that worth? Especially, if you are at a ?severe? technological disadvantage.

I think this theft was a coordinated effort by at least one Country and maybe at least one corporation. Who and which ones? The men were already going to China.

I have hopes of Australia finding the missing plane in the south Indian Ocean. I do have hopes and hope those are not clouding me. I do think that stuff is purposeful dumping. Which was warned about by the Australian PM.
Just follow the money. Not intended to implicate the white-house. If anything the US military industrial complex may be the victims.
Added on 24 March 2014:
Malaysia Declaration with zero reported evidence.
 Malaysian Officials have declared that Flight 370 has crashed into the southern Indian ocean, with zero evidence. This is a crime against all of the families involved as well as the rest of the world. This is just awful.

I think this is the beginning of a foretold prophecy of destruction. 
Added on 25 March 2014: The pilot and his flight simulator.

It appears that the older pilot had a very real passion for flying. So, why would a person risk his genuine passion for a singular event, which would cost him his passion? 

The passion orientated person and the mission orientated person both would have a similar focus in their duties. While only one would receive ongoing pleasure.
Added on 28 March 2014: Videos of interest. Some of the videos may have brief expletives. Be warned. These and all other videos are for you to do your own research all the way to the source. Pray and meditate before you view and or read anything.
Added on 30 March 2014:
Blog story from Natural News.
Added on 30 March 2014: Natural News report.
Added on 01 April 2014: Natural News report.
This is odd. Why would any government conceal evidence of a disaster? If it wasn't a disaster, concealing evidence would make sense? I would still be upset although more understanding. These new reports are disturbing.
Added on 02 April 2014:
Errors in reporting such as from EPOCH Times. Not Source.

Another story. Not Source.

Source Story. It works and is in RUSSIAN.

Source story. Translated.

I am by no means an expert in anything airplanes. Except that I have flown as a passenger in much smaller planes. By checking the mileage the plane would have flown. The distance seems to far if they had flown and stayed over the water. This leads to other questions.

1). At what speed and at what altitude is the optimum for the best fuel economy?
2). What was the gross weight of the plane at takeoff and did it have fuel tanks topped off?

First impression of seeing the blurry image of a plane in some desert. It is a decoy.
Added on 03 April 2014: Pastor Paul Begley video. Follow the money. This is a key comment. A comment similar to mine on 22 March 2014. A key in which I didn't see even when I wrote it with a YouTube video. 
Added on 07 April 2014: Something has changed or has begun.
Key words or phrases.
A). Ghost
B). Follow the money.
C). unk?
Added on 08 April 2014: A video. With possibly new info.
Added on 02 July 2014: News reports:
Looks like the news reports still show the routing for the Missing  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to have still been flown west of Perth Australia.

23 July 2014:
This has possibly changed. Not sure why. Vague. I know.
Added on 29 Sept 2014:
I find it very odd that the world is becoming more excited about the discovery of new underwater volcanoes then finding anything about this missing plane. This is the latest news. Because, there is no new information. I still believe the plane was stolen and the passengers all killed. Much respects to the families.
No new information. It is almost like the new owners are having no problems with the plans for the plane. Since officially no governments or even the former planes owners are not thinking or planning anything with this Boeing 777-200ER. That there is nothing to peg onto to. Especially if the identity has changed then using spooky skills to search for this particular Boeing 777-200ER may not be found especially if the plane is re-designated to something else, has been re-named, re-painted. Then spooky skills would be difficult to track. Do you understand? So how would you use spooky skills to find something that technically no longer exists in name and identification?
I'm not certain on how to continue on this.
Added on 28 Dec 2014: Another lost Airplane.
This plane has been missing for about 24 hours and the only revealing news report is from Sassy Stew. The plane crashed near Sumatera. There is also a report of severe lightning in the area of the airbus at that time.
Added on 29 Dec 2014: Air Asia Flight 8501 Still missing. This is getting just a bit weird. Almost 48 hours and still no sign. The current accusation is that Flight Control denied permission for the plane to fly over the storms. The Airbus family of A320's have a maximum ceiling of 39,000 feet. The thunder/lightning storm height was greater than 40,000 feet. That is most likely why the pilots were denied.
Added on 30 Dec 2014: Flight 8501. The lost plane has been found. The search ends. Recovery begins. Mourning begins. Please pray for the families.
This will end my writing on this plane.
Added on 22 July 2016:
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