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Piggyback Mind Control: (Unedited): 15 March 2014:

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The advent of 4K+ televisions and with everyone wanting one for every room. The ability to stream that kind of content will have to become increased.
The whole of the internet must become under the absolute control of the government. For the purpose of security and, their  propaganda of mind control.
In order for the politicians to continue on with their ability to stay in power. A piggy back signal will need to be embedded into every streaming content. Without the knowledge of even the individual authors or media conglomerates. No one will have the technical ability or tools necessary to even see the signal. Even if technicians do have the equipment to see embedded signals. These very sophisticated test equipment will have shunted or clipped circuits built right onto their circuit boards. To keep this secret. A person will need the schematics of the test equipment and should be able to find circuits which are not shown on the schematics.
Subliminal training by the government will become commonplace throughout the country. Any one who uses any modern technology will become subliminally trained to accept the governments will. Media is already in use in shopping malls in an audio format and will also include video.
Cities, States and countries will have their own semi-autonomous forms of the internet services.
A singular internet system will grow into many. All being able to share via a new form of customary handshake.
The systems will become so seamless. That it will seem like only one internet service. That is until politics gets involved and conflicts arise.
More to follow. Tired. This is new and ongoing. will become organized. Some may be off topic. Sometimes that happens.
Added on 22 March 2014:

Think about this. Most people in the USA have technology on their person. Watching videos and listening to audio. Eventually the Government or other governments will begin to embed their mind control propaganda. A person can listen to and view unknowingly government propaganda throughout their entire day.Without ever being aware.
This kind of control of people has never been seen or done on this scale.
Eventually the public school system will have background music in the classrooms with the governmental  subliminal programming tied to the peaceful music. The first schools will be the ones where there is the most violence and the lowest graduation rates. It is just peaceful music. That's all. This is just the beginning.
In 14 years the whole of the youthful population will be altered and mentally entrained to follow the governments wishes, even more than parents, clergy. Even without a thought if the governments demands is right or wrong. They will obey. Without question. Then 14 years after that. the new youth will be more pro government than the thirty year old's. Republic form of government ends as well as democracy of any flavor. People will still vote and have their free speech. Even though it is the government who is speaking through the citizen. Without question and without thought. In 28 years, after this process begins. There will be no freedoms.
Added on 09 March 2017:
Think about this. A certain percentage of the population believes what they do because of someone else opinionated narrative. The education of the common person is greater than it ever was in the past and yet we each still believes someone else narrative. These people have so much pride and arrogance that they do not care what anyone else thinks or believes. Even if they offer facts and evidence. As they accuse you of having the closed up mind. It is they who have the closed up mind and yet are not even aware of it.
The signs to come.
1) 4K+ or 8K Televisions are commonplace
2) A new standard of audio listening will emerge. New forms of multiple speakers in a single ear. Multiple channels. Do not know how to explain this. Speakers jacks will become USB like.
3) Government gains control over ALL media outlets, Including the internet. They won't censor a thing. They won't turn anything off or even attenuate anything. The government won't have to in 28 or so years. (You will choose not to listen to things which are contrary to what the government wants you to view or hear. 09 March 2017:)
4)School music begins and at about the same time all audio feeds will have the subliminal piggy back signals.
5) Then all video content will feature subliminal video as well as subliminal audio. Even the content from your church which uses any kind of media through the internet. It will not matter the genre of type of media. All will have the pro government messaging. (Until such a time when religion and churches cannot financially be a viable entity. Due to so few people attending. 09 march 2017)
No one will be aware of what is occurring.  No one will ask. No one will do the math. Which will be the only way to discover the signal additions. In the USA no one thinks for themselves or even how to. Since the advent of the calculator and computer.
The only media content which will not have subliminal content added will be raw music heard live or recorded live, Live video in the raw. As soon as you put it on the internet. The subliminal content is automatically added. Forever more there will be subliminal content a part of the media. 
What will be the first subliminal content?
Be calm or trust authority or obey authority. 
Maybe all three.
Teachers are the authority and they need to be in control of calm students. Many students do not trust teachers or authority. Especially in communities deemed as failing.
Added on 28 April 2014: Is this to be a new beginning of how to enter a persons mind. Even if this particular program is innocent and the common person does not have 4K televisions.
Added on 18 May 2014:

I saw one of his heads as if it had been [b]slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; they worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?”

... And the whole of the earth...
It seems that this portion of the Bible declares that all of the peoples of the earth will follow the beast. How can this be? Especially when many know of the prophecies and of these Bible verses. 

On possibility is of this writing in note form. The technologically advanced societies have their computers and the internet. They have these devices in their homes and at work. They have these devices on their person and in their cars.
The audio devices seem to always be playing. There is always these subliminal noises.
All of the continual noises takes you away from prayer and meditation.

I think there will be an intellectual separation of humanity. That of knowledge and not of intelligence. Those who are always plugged into the internet, audio and video contents, and those who are disconnected from the technology. Those who are disconnected may be the ones who have become the saints. Of course there will be more to the ascribed saints.  "The saints" will lose as foretold. And ALL who dwell on the Earth will worship the beast.

Added on 18 May 2014:  This is from Jonathan Kleck Channel. Dated about 14 May 2014:

When I add anyone's content. Before you view or read. Even if it is my own written content. Pray and meditate first.
Always pray and meditate before and after you do anything. This is wise. I'm not an educated person. I write the best I can and sometimes what is in my mind does not come out the same. I have no one for content checks and when my errors are found or revealed I correct quickly.
26 June 2014:
Maybe, something will happen to media technology. Causing the government to want to protect corporations and the citizenry from outside threats. Everyone will think this is a good idea. Especially, when the threats come from outside it's borders. So ALL media content goes through a centralized location before that media content can freely travel to it's logical destination. When the laws are passed after a catastrophic attack of the computer systems. The threats to any other attack will be greatly diminished. Once all media content has been centralized. The embedding process or piggy back signals can begin of subliminal content. It will not matter how pure the content is or how anti-establishment the content reports on.
This will become especially intense upon those who have multiple monitors, wear head phones and are willing focused upon the content. A shift in interests will be seen logically in chosen websites to view and content to be seen or heard. This will be the evidence of the subliminal programming logically working.
The subliminal controlled shifts in personal interests should be gradual for adults, More progressive for the young adults, Radical for teenagers and fostering for children. A person who wants to know more should study demographic content.
Also, I would like for someone to use a high speed camera as a test on their computer screens and television screens. This may be revealing. I would suspect if there are current subliminal messaging it may be seldom during normal viewing and more aggressive during higher person viewing. Like a sporting even.
Added on 29 June 2014: A tree tiered system of all media content control. Possibly an upside down tree.

World control of all media content. Land mass control of all media content. Regional control of all media content. National control of all media content. State control of all media content. City or township control of all media content. Local control of all media content. Corporate/Business control of all media content. Individual/employee use of all media content.

I think I have them listed in order of authorities and users.

How this will happen. Is a new code will be created and/or not revealed within the global cloud networks. All media content created goes into the cloud and then the subliminal piggy back signal is embedded into the original content. Thus, when any of the media content is downloaded for listening or viewing. The persons mind will become entrained over a period of time. For some people the entrainment will be quick and for others it will take much longer. Then there will be the few who will not become brain washed by the world government body. They will be deemed a criminal or insane and government justice will be served.

When the whole of the world and the overwhelming majority of the entire worlds population has direct access to any media content. The effects of always being plugged in will begin to alter the way everyone thinks and believes. In other words who you are now, how you think and what you believe will fundamentally be changed by those who are in authority. You will not even be aware of it.
In the highly technical societies. The general population seems to always have some sort of media content streaming into their ears or eyes. This will become an incredible opportunity for those who are or will be in power to effectively control the minds of the entire population.

Think about your daily activities. How often are you plugged into any media content? Walking in the shopping center and they are playing their selected music. Subliminal content will eventually be in that to. If it already isn't. The store that is playing feel good and upbeat music is playing a subliminal trick with your mind. People who feel good and are upbeat spend more money. Except, the level of entrainment is going to be at a whole new more sophisticated level. Not just for sales growth but to actually change how you think and feel about the world and it's leaders. The subliminal entrainment becomes all about what the world wants you to think, believe and to do or not do. The freedom of your own mind is will come to an end.
When the mind becomes altered away from the higher levels of thinking and believing. That physical body disconnects itself from the spiritual presence within and also separated from the divine presence. Total enslavement begins. Physical and mental evolution or De-evolution becomes directed. Maybe, even to the point where the dimensional energy systems within the human form will no longer accept any higher energy spirits. Thus, the human forms become spiritual husks for those lower level spirits or demons.

Something like this must happen in order for certain prophecies to become realized. Revelation 13:3.

Then with those who cannot be entrained. You have Revelation 13:7.
The saints shall be over came. In other words all of those who are with GOD. No matter how you define GOD. You will lose to the dragon. Assuming you follow the belief system where Love, Peace, Harmony and life are faithfully honored in the absolute.
I tell you the truth. In this physical life you are not really as alive as you would be in the spiritual life. So when you fall into martyrdom for living in the purity of your righteous belief system. A sinless physical and mental life. You shall be with God.
Added on 12 Aug 2014: I heard this song over the sound system at work some time last week. I found pretty offensive after I started thinking about the words. Music is a very powerful mental entrainment technology. It can positively or negatively motivate you as well as alter the way you think. Especially, if you really like the song and artist.
Could you or would you sing a song calling yourself stupid? Because, just singing along with the Music and lyrics can be mental entrainment. It is more powerful then calling yourself stupid without music or lyrics. I have not done the search for the song as of yet. But, it is a song about a girl who calls herself stupid girl.If you keep calling yourself bad and awful things? How can that ever be a positive thing for you? How can you ever move forward in life if you constantly believe you are those awful words you continually tell yourself, even if joking outwardly in front of others.

Well, i just found a song which seems like a positive message from the Artist Pink. Yea, the wife is gonna know I watched it. Can you say trouble for me. That is not the stupid girl song I was looking for which has had over 53,708,849 views. Warning adult offensive viewing content even though it does tell an artistic story of the wrongful nature of societal culture of today.

Can't find the song as of now. rats. I do not know the songs artist as I do not listen to contemporary music.

Search for those songs which the singer calls themselves or others of the opposite sex offensive names. Those very popular songs in society today. When you sing those songs. You sing them with an intense emotional agreement. The degree in which you agree with any media content is often repeated within your own mind over and over again. Almost out of your own control. Have you ever said; "I just can't get this song out of my mind"? Really , music is that powerful and wrongful music is or can be more powerful in altering the way you live your own life as entire populations begin to change to mimic the musical lessons taught. This can be seen with the adoption of rock and roll music. Just look into the history of rock and roll musical lyrics. Then look into the various sub-cultures which were born from rock and roll. Even Country music of today has evolved into pure base human behaviors.

WARNING! Really Warning! Pink!
Warning: Lucy Woodward: Dumb Girl.
Added on 13 Oct 2014:
Vision of subliminal programming devices.
I saw a pair of Head goggles/helmet with 4 or 5 screens inside of them for each eye. The 4 or 5 screens may have been on a singular screen. Just multiple signal sources. There is a central screen with four other screens surrounding the central. Each signal source of each screen can be different.
The audio sources are multichannel for each ear. Giving the listener a full surround sound ability. Above, below, forward, rear, left, right, as well as the varieties of left and right.
Not exactly what I was seeing. The device or devices were much larger and appeared nearly full faced.
Added on 30 Oct 2014:
Having this vision again. 
Th potential threat of human thought programming comes when ear plug speakers become multichannel and very cheap to purchase.
Maybe I'm just hyper-focusing on this upcoming 4K television boom to come. My son and I just saw a couple of 4K televisions from our local Best buy. It is incredible to watch. It is becoming realistic to view almost like looking through a window. Then when 8 K becomes available. How can we know what is on the programming? and will there be layers of alternate programming which flash seamlessly within any show you watch without you even being aware of it?

What has to happen. Internet speed and content delivery needs to greater as written above as well as inexpensive. The technology needs to become inexpensive for everyone to own. All personal digital devices need to have multichannel audio capability as well.
Just think about this. One channel or the central audio channel will play your desired content. Which may be imbedded with subliminal content. The other audio channels may also have additional subliminal content as well. You can only get so much audio content out of a speaker without the sound quality becoming mucked up. So, this is why you need additional speakers within each ear piece. I just did a general search for multi-channel in ear headphones. Found none on
Yes, there will be a time when you can no longer use any technology and still be able to have free use of your own mind.
Added on 22 Dec 2014:
Apparently North Korea has exerted it's power and caused Sony Pictures a great deal of harm. Forcing Sony pictures to cancel a film about the North Korean dictator/god. There was also releases of other films which were not out yet. It also seems that there was also personal data and tax ID information on certain employees also released.
This is exactly a good reason for the government can take over the whole of the internet. For the safety of the general public as well as infrastructure for the whole country. All internet traffic must go through a centralized location to be analyzed. Then distributed to their specific intended destination, if allowed. Sounds very reasonable. Especially, if the USA is successfully attacked and we(The whole of the USA) lose all digital media access, All energy resources shut down, Dams automatically fully open, All computer hardware scrambled, All transportation stops. No food from truck drivers. Worse case here. There will be no water.

Now Facebook has made the paranoid news about changing their privacy policy and allowing all federal law enforcement agencies instant access to all user accounts a-n-d access into every computer, cell phone and all other media devices which accesses Facebook. No more Judges, No more probable cause, No more freedom of privacy. Remember I did say paranoid news and they were right about the transportation changes which has already come to this country and will manifest in 2016 after the re-opening of the Panama Canal expansion project. Yes, I know a weak argument for the paranoid news agencies.
Think about this. An effective computer attack on any entity, requires large numbers of computers. If the paranoid news outlets are correct. Which is most likely doubtful. If the government had the use of and access to all of the hardware which has access to Facebook. By using those computer zombie strategies will attain a huge numerical advantage in cyber warfare. Right now the world is actively attacking the USA and even elements within the USA are attacking the USA.
Ongoing and real time Digital cyber war maps. Use chrome for kaspersky.
If there is an attack and normalcy resumes. Then re-read the top of this posting. Since most young people are automatically plugged into the internet all of the time. Subliminal conditioning can begin all unaware and unprovable. 
Added on03 Jan 2015: Cyber warfare military doctrine vision. This brought my memory to one of those Bruce Willis movies about the cyber attack upon the USA and how the bad guy tried to kill off the black hat hackers. Who did their part in the attack.
I'm not sure of the status of the Cyber war against the USA, North Korea, China, Russia as well as a whole ganging up on whoever was seen as a target. I have no idea who was victorious and who was the absolute loser. The internet service all across the USA slowed a little. North Korea went dead. Not sure of China or Russia. Sony Got nailed hard and lost much. Microsoft got hit hard and lost much.
There is new thoughts about the militarizing of Cyber techniques into active warfare doctrine. To the degree. That the new spies will be inserted into Countries. In what capacity? Possibly various.
A new cyber war is being planned against the USA. One where patience will achieve much.
Prior to a planned attack of the USA via Cyber. Human assets within the USA will kill known white hat IT security personnel. Human assets will also infiltrate key corporations and Governmental entities. So that they can plug and play their damaging content. These assets will most likely not be those lead individuals. But support persons.  
The killings may also happen within the University system as well. Especially those key educational institutions which lead the way all things cyber. This is vague even to me.

I see a wife placing contaminated content on a husbands thumb drive.
Whether or not the next cyber warfare attack upon the USA is real or from within. The actions of the Politicians of the USA will surely guarantee. Once all of the industries are back up to normal. This piggy back mind control begins.
News from Sept 5, 2014:
4K Blue Ray coming for Christmas of 2015:
Added on: 02 Feb 2015: Super Bowl Half time show. I watched the show on YouTube and it is something I do not advise any one to do. In less than 12 hours I felt very bad.
Vision at approx 1330 Hours.
Unaware Deprogramming: (Unedited):  02 Feb 2015:
Being deprogrammed of your religious thought patterns unaware. May cause you to become emotionally and spiritually confused. Very possibly to become physically sickened. 
I feel like a decision has been made to follow through with more subliminal programming of the entire population. Through hardware/software encryption and decryption.
What this means is that no piece of test equipment will be able to see the subliminal content. Unless, the technical person can create a very hard bypass of circuits to actually see the subliminal content after the hardware device. Which may very will be deep inside the flat panel display/monitor.
There will be two streaming content. One for the entire audio/video content. The other for the unrecognized subliminal content which will be allowed to pass through without any awareness of the computer.
Just as there is zero human defense for blocking very powerful mind altering alcohol, drugs or medications. There is also zero mental defense to subliminal programming from an unaware person. From your computer screen or television monitor you can be repeatedly induced to vote for a singular candidate and you will. While all the time believing it is your free choice. The subliminal message can be for anything and for any cause.
The time is coming when you will no longer be able to access any digital content from any source. Without the risk of being programmed from your government. I still think it is during the 4K product line coming as it will have or should have the new encryption/decryption chips. Which will not be called that in the schematics. Maybe some kind of (*harmonic/light balancing) name which will have not ever been a typical chip until the new advent. Will be deemed necessary in 4K sets as well as newer 1080 monitors.
*harmonic/light balancing chip is just something that I just thought up. But, the naming or the numeric identifying scheme. Will only be known to a person who has knowledge at looking at chip schematics. There will be no reason why anyone will question the chip with any suspicion. Does the chip have memory space? It will need to. It will be a CPU/GPU? Maybe. It will have to be. If it is located in the display. It doesn't have to be very powerful. As it will only need to splash the screen a few frames a second every so often.
With subliminal audio content. The multichannel systems like 5.1 and 7.1 should be easy to insert audio subliminal messages every so often. There may even be a similar chip on the audio side as well.
To keep these chips below suspicion. They will need few outputs and the smallest of die size. Maybe, another key to spotting these encryption/decryption chips would be their own dedicated power lines. Which isolates them from other components of the circuit board. Except from the point where the intelligent signal enters and exits. Possible it's own little heat sink. To hide it more. Put a heat sink on everything.
Added on 07 March 2017;
Walt Disney is beginning gay acceptance in their movies. With a remake of beauty and the Beast. Some other movie somewhere which shows either two cartoon boys or two cartoon girls kissing.
You can now buy a 4K Television for $310.99 at Walmart.
It does seem like the new generation of streaming HD content lags the technology. As there is still 540 content on Fiber Optics. Not to mention 720P and 1080P content available. It appears that 4K streaming content is still for the extra money spent per month.
We are all at the advent. President Donald Trump may usher in a new and better world through a corporate oligarchy.
Added on 21 March 2017:
The new movie Power Rangers will have a LGBTQ Character.
From Star Trek and Ghost Busters to now movies geared exclusively towards children. This is indoctrination from the world into every Christian or religious family structure. Regardless if you agree or not.
It is looking like 2017 is geared towards children. In regards to global acceptance of all aspects of the gay lifestyle choices. The more young impressionable minds who believe that any aspect of the gay lifestyle is alright and OK. The less they will see it as sin. Especially when their teachers tell them and teach them gay people are just like you. In order for the LGBTQ to increase their numbers in society. The LGBTQ community must indoctrinate early and often. Then hopefully a child who has related to many different LGBTQ movie, book and T.V. characters in their own life. Maybe, this will be enough the young person to choose the gay lifestyle. All without any guilt or wrong doing as related to sin. Thus, each gay person will never even realize just how they have played their own part in the extinction of the family name and of their genetic lineage. After all that is the end result. The murder of your own family.
Who is it that wants humanity to end? satan and all of the fallen angels already here on Earth.
Added on 24 March 2017: If Jonathan Cahn can share this then so will I: As a standard warning. It is up to you to be responsible with going to the source of any comments made by me or anyone else. Because, If satan can influence Peter who am i or who are you? If satan can even try to manipulate Jesus, who am I? I'm just a nobody in comparison.
The below is way to deep for me. If you are deep into serious research and the step by step process on how to change thinking's in a population over decades. Then this may be for you. This seems to be all LGBTQ related. If this is a very serious revelation. Then you will need to copy all related documents before they are scrubbed from the internet.
Origin date: October 1996: First online Date: 27 July 2016:
My opinion only:
It is starting to appear that those who are devout in their religion to the point of actually becoming holy and righteous. Their participation in any form of media or in any media related organization is quickly coming to a close.  This is the step which precedes leaving all aspects of modern day world society. Think about it. Where does it really end. By becoming reacquainted with your ancient indigenous roots and the wisdom's which have all been forgotten. Because, at one time we were all indigenous and ate only whole organic foods made by God for all of us.
Also, think about this. The churches are even pushing out those who have made the righteous connection. By pastors and leaders continuing to accept sin into their holy places. Those who have made that deep righteous connection with the Holy Spirit and with God. They in good faith and in obedience cannot remain where sin resides. This is also prophecy in which no church seems to even want to acknowledge in any way. That is a sign of demonic influence within the church as a whole.
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