Thursday, April 10, 2014

Infidel Lost?: (Unedited): 10 April 2014:

A person who is lost. Has not chosen the life path they walk of their own free will and knows not what they do or where they are going.
A person (Infidel) who freely chooses to walk a life path absent of holiness and righteousness is not lost. But, is either wholly deceived or has fully rejected the good news openly.
A person who is not lost, deceived or has rejected the good news. Should pray and meditate often to their Heavenly father.

Inspired from: Adult content warning.
When you as a believer encounter a person who is not lost and has made the decisions they have made. There is nothing you can do for them. They have already decided and are infidels. Leave them to God.
 Those who are still lost and deceived and who are willing to honestly listen with their spirit, mind and heart. They are the ones whom you should continue to search for. They are the ones who will rejoice when they are no longer lost or deceived.

It is of paramount importance to continue to search for the lost and deceived. Do not remain with the infidel who has chosen to be whatever they are and whomever they are. It is the intent of the infidel to keep you from searching for more lost souls. Through a variety of methods which only hinder you or even stop you from converting lost souls. Once you discover a soul is not lost. Give them and leave them for God. Move on and move forward without any other thought.
To do so, will be a waste of your very limited time. Research for yourself. The methodologies of search and rescue. They are very similar to what it is you do of saving souls. You cannot save souls if a good portion of your energy, resources and time is spent with a purposeful infidel. Who only wants what they want for their own entertainment. Yes, even an infidel will go to a free church for their own entertainment.
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