Monday, April 28, 2014

Lamp Oil: (Unedited): 28 April 2014:

Work in progress
Your lamp of divine light is your love expressed. The more kindness, compassion and mercy you emanate. The more oil for your lamp. 
Any hatred you harbor. Whether it is your truth or a truth believed by you from someone else. That truth believed by you may not even be the truth. This internal hatred is what darkens your souls divine light. Spreading lies which is believed by you as truth darkens your divine spirit. You become the source of lies and darkness.
The fuel which energizes your souls lamp can dry up and run out. Through your external actions based on hatred, anger, greed, selfishness. 
Any violence you commit. Any hatred you spread. Any abuse and torture you administer. Any thing you cause to be believed as truth which goes against that which is holy and righteous. You become the source of lies and darkness. You are responsible for the darkening of the world and the spread of that darkness. Even to the point beyond your own control. Just like a camp fire which consumes an entire forest. All that which is left is ash and death.
The state of the world is your individual fault. It is not the fault of God.
So when all of the bad and sad prophecies become manifest. Know it was YOUR darkness which caused it all.

God only wanted for humanity to choose to love one another. To live in peace with each other and to exist in harmony with all things. Humanity as a whole has willfully rejected and denied the Divine teachings on how to live a righteous and holy life. Because, of this. The logical outcome is death. Not by the hands of God but by the hands of self.
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