Monday, April 28, 2014

Mindlessly Aimless: (Unedited): 28 April 2014:

The aimless person is mindlessly apathetic to what ever they happen to be doing. 
The job is just the job before the next one.
Can you imagine only being present and nothing more? Can you imagine associating with other employees because they are just there and nothing more? Can you imagine not having any emotional attachment to what ever it is you are doing? Can you imagine doing nothing what so ever for the betterment of your own life? Can you imagine the belief of  "whatever happens, happens"? Can you imagine have such a degree of apathy in your own life that you do not even care about anything you do? Can you imagine believing that going to work just doesn't matter?

The above questions isn't just about your job. It is about anything that you are doing right now. If you do not care about the place or the people present, Then why bother? Is there actually hope of some kind in there for you. Like having enough to buy those things you desire? Like a roof over your head? Like paying for your phone or internet? Is that all you care about?

What kind of an effect and how do you have an affect upon your co-workers? This question may not even ring in the apathetic or aimless mind set. They just don't care. Except when maybe something bad or embarrassing happens to another co-worker and they become entertained. Maybe, even pile on as a method of minimal involvement.  The only involvement an aimless or apathetic person does is when it freely involves them without any integration into the unit structure. Such as free food, free things and piling on. 

Everything you do has an effect upon all aspects of your life. Everything you do not do has an impact on all aspects of your life. For instance.

The absolute importance of drinking, partying and having a good time and not getting an education.
Just existing day to day while refusing to make a life for yourself which is worth living.

Doing the wrong things based on your own apathy for others.
Stealing instead of working to earn for yourself. 
The business of illegal drugs instead of creating for yourself a lawful and respectable business.
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