Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Separated Remnant: (Unedited): 22 April 2014:

The remnant piece of the corrupted cloth must be separated before the cloth is thrown into the fire.  
 It is tough and very hard to become separated from the family you love or even want to love. If your family is to remain of the world and you have chosen to remain awake. Your new family has become of God, your Heavenly Father and the other followers become your new brothers and sisters.
Even if other family members have had a direct interaction with angels and yet they still refuse angrily. This is no longer your problem even though your love for them is very strong. They have in that moment refused and remained amongst the corrupted. Possibly even a reprobate. To the degree that Exodus 7:3 may even apply.

In order the remnant to be saved. It must be removed from the whole of the corrupted clothe. Pray always for those whom you have been separated from. But, know that they have already chosen.
Look for other mutually related remnants and become a new clothe blessed by God. They shall be your holy and divine family.
If you choose to remain with the corrupted clothe of your worldly family. You shall have to endure as they do. Though by Gods will, you shall still be saved after the fact. While the rest of the clothe becomes ash.
There are many remnants which have been saved in the Bible and many more without number. There are usually conditions. There are limits as defined by GOD and not revealed til after a rebuke.

 As inspired from listening to the Jonathan Kleck Show.
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