Monday, April 7, 2014

What is Meditation? Simplified.: (Unedited): 07 April 2014:

What is meditation? Here is the sort of free definition in which complication occurs.
What is meditation? The pay for yourself by finding an author/writer who has many very in-depth answers. They should be worth your money and efforts of understanding.
Here is my dimes worth on what is meditation. Possibly even over simplified. Which I believe is necessary. Because, many whom I have spoken to seem to think that meditation is elusive, impossible and only for those select souls who have reached some kind of ill defined level of assumed holiness. For those of you who have read my writings. You already know. What it is I am about to say or type. I will also include prayer and contemplation.

The defined free level of meditation is partly related to the Christian section of Wikipedia. I believe it is inaccurate as the whole of the Christian Church has kept all of the power and authority for itself. Which is not and was not intended by The homeless man named Jesus. Hence the importance of John 14:12. There is another. Just can not remember it right now. 
(Paraphrase. Jesus spoke to his disciples saying all of these things you have witnessed, You to can do as well and more...) If you know of the verse please leave in comments. Thank you.

Meditation is that in which, everyone does everyday of your life. You listen- You read- You observe- You take within you information. This is the simplest form of meditation. Right now in a sort of way, You are meditating upon these writings. The effective level of your meditation is defined by your intent, interest and self definition of importance.

So, when you are listening to that family member who you love dearly. Your level of meditation would be much higher than if you were forced to listen to that boring monotone teacher teaching that useless class you must pass in order to receive that sheepskin (diploma). This is still a lower level of meditation that everyone has easily achieved.

Even when you vegetate, almost mindlessly on the couch, almost oblivious to the Television. You are in meditation, which is under the control of those who put out the content you willingly choose to view. One of my prophecies is when 4K becomes commonplace. Coupled with government controlled internet and controlled media content. The invisible subliminal content will automatically stream into your eyes and ears. Maybe, this is how the whole of the world will love the coming antichrist. Oops transgress.

So, that is meditation in it's simplest form. It matters not if your are actively listening or mindlessly listening.  Once you get that moment that this information is correct and true. You can now follow your path of meditation. In which I hope you find that quiet place, become still and listen to God. Your Heavenly Father who has always waited for your return back to Him. Just sit and listen or lay down and listen. If you fall asleep. Do not stress. It's OK. God may want you to just asleep. Either way it is all OK.
A very important verse in all of Christianity, which has virtually been ignored throughout the entire Christian age.
To be like the Christ Jesus is to be just like him, when he was in human form.
To become righteous and holy as defined by God and not through title or achieved through traditions. 

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