Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini Magnetic burial grounds Dream: (Unedited): 29 May 2014:

Out of time to write.
Two masked sisters told me vaguely of their walking journey from New Port Richey to the place they have now. There was plenty of some kind of masking or covering over what ever it was they were hiding. I sensed many deceptions as I believe they were designed to keep me focused on another vague discovery.

I was given a compass and began to walk around a particular property with red minivans and a couple of buildings. There was body damage on one of the minivans.
As I walked around the property. Behind one of the buildings, which was not the main house.  I discovered a localized magnetic anomaly and a tree. I could walk into it and my compass would vary. I could ascertain a boundary as well.

I went back inside to speak with the two girls and they told me how they walked all the way out ?here?. I sensed they also had to do things which were not proper, dance clubs and plus. Being fair and young or under aged. They both left their father who had done things. I said positive things of their courage and strength. But, it was time to go.
They said, they knew my sister. I did not respond. I was interested in an odd television set.  Which was to small and set to far away to see it well. I think it had two screens. Which seemed like it had an exterior 2 dimensional mask or a technological curtain of some kind over the front. As if hiding something of a true nature. I have two sisters one who is now deceased (Tucson) and the other living elsewhere. There was brief information of many more children.
I got into a vehicle and the dream was over.

I think every cop should have a basic compass and know how to use it. As well as be able to determine North variances while walking in a search/grid pattern.

I think these are old murders and the statistical places of searches should be done again, with a compass.
Question. What would make a localized magnetic field? Why would someone create a localized magnetic field? Unless they wanted to go and revisit the burial site after many years or decades.
Is this a serial killer of children? or is that to far of a jump right now. In which I'm very good at.
Why didn't I go and look at the license plates.
Reverted to draft because if this is a real dream about serial killers. I do not want to reveal a secret of this person and since the government already has access to everything. If they are of interest in vague things or how to find certain children via a compass. Then this will be for them.
When and if you the government cop person finds any burial site via this magnetic anomaly. Then keep it secret and put into place surveillance equipment. To catch this dirt bag. Of course it may take a decade to catch him.
Added on 30 May 2014:
Had a dream about the discovery of a dirty suit case. No other information.
I think there was a child inside. 
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