Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life As It Is: (Unedited): 02 June 2014

Your life is as it is, because of what it was. 
Your life will be, what it will be, because of how you are now.
Change is difficult for everyone. It is just there are those who seem to be able to willing to endure change. While others do not. Even if a person is in a never ending undesirable situation in life. They for some reason want to maintain it. For a variety of fears as defined by that individual.

To sum this one up. What you have done or the lack of what you should have done in your life. Is the logical result of the life you have now. The life you will have is also the same logical result of what you will do or have not done right now.

In life there is always change in regards to aging, social networks and friendships. In your lifestyle there may be change in living in one place or another. Your employment may also change as well. Change is always coming at you in the face. You can have some level of control in your life. Sometimes you may have to lower your living standards in order to gain a little more through the gaining of education or skill sets. The gaining of education is currently the best hope any person can have to upgrade their life.

Going from no education to more educated can be very tiring. Especially, if you have no real family or family wealth and support.
For instance and this is for instance in order to explain a process. The nursing profession has literally dozens of steps for advancement. This may require you to go through a continuous educational process for a long period of time. Do the research on all of the medical certifications. To start at the lowest level and then work your way up. Working your way up may also mean more income and benefits. More income also may mean an improved living arrangement. Be warned upgrading your living arrangement to fast can also be like living inside of a mouse trap.
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Thank You INFJ Cacofony.
By over coming your past. No matter how hellish it has ever been. Become your own hero. Rise up out of the fiery quagmire. Step forward and keep moving. No matter what. Become the sole force of wour own will power which moves you into the realm of your own defined personal greatness. Rid yourself of negative mindsets, behaviors and emotions this day. Because the day you rid yourself of all negativity's. Begins your future full of absolute positivity.
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