Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Faith Arguement: (Unedited): 31 May 2014:

If you have to argue your faith and belief systems. You are not living your life in accordance to those tenants.  

This is very simple to understand.

If you practice the religion of love and people around you do not see you as different from the world. Then it is you who are in the wrong. To love one another always. Not just once but always. How is arguing or debating any point love. Especially, if you get agitated?

If you practice the religion of peace and people around only see war, conflict, fighting and argument.  Then how is it that you are finding the peace within or outside of you? How is it you are helping anyone to see that being in a continual peaceful state is more meaningful to a life worth living than it is to always looking for the next conflict, the next argument, the next debate. To do so keeps away the peace you have been practicing to attain.

If you practice the religion of harmony and people around you only see chaos. How will they ever listen to you or begin to believe as you do. When you are no different than the world which is full of hate, anger, war, chaos and confusion?

If you practice any of the religions of love, peace and harmony. How can you neglect the purity of any of the other when there are divine truths contained within. Each of those religions are supposed to lead every person towards the path of enlightenment and holiness. That is EVERY PERSON. No matter where they were born or whom they were born to. It doesn't even matter what place they were born in. Enlightenment and holiness is for everyone. Not just the pope, Preachers, Imams or any other person of a human declared stature.
Every person does mean every woman and if the women in your lands have zero or no say in anything. Then it is your entire culture which is wrong. Cultures are just another form of control and conformity.
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