Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dream 52717: (Unedited): 06 July 2014:

Awoke from this dream at about 0324 this morning.


A man was driving around in a ?college? type of pick-up, just doing his daily working duties. He comes upon a very large trash can full of trash. With two white men doing a thing. They were tall and slender.
Then, the dream focused upon the license plate number  ???? 52717. The name of the college was on the plate and the side of the truck, but for some reason I immediately forgot it as I read it. Though the number remained in my memory.

Then the worker seemed to sleep in the large trash can. Being covered by a covering like carpet. Very odd.
The two men with long brown hair drove around the large trash can again to make sure the college worker was ?Whatever? I think sleep means dying.
The pick up truck the two men were driving appeared to be of a dark color and of basic design. Kind of like an old work truck.

Yep, this is very helpful. NOT!.
This is the first dream where I focused upon a license plate number, although for only one vehicle and not both of them. I did go back to sleep to attempt to reenter the dream but not enough time before I had to wake up to go to work and write if I needed to. 
A lot of my own personal errors in this dream.

I get the feeling that the worker person was one of those always happy autistic types of people and was not even aware what he stumbled upon at the trash can. Even in his own death he was just as happy to lie covered up to sleep a little while inside of the trash can. Just odd. 

Update 0612 AM.
Just remembered the last time I had a something involving numbers was an auditory string of numbers, while wide awake. Which of course I played the lottery and it turned out to be an accident of the exact day and time. All it was-was a string of numbers with no other logical or emotional content. It turned out to be the exact date and time of the event.
Could this actual dream be another thing on the date March 27 2017? Only filled in with doom and gloom of dream fantasy? 
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