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Prophecy States: Unedited: 04 July 2014:

The elements of water, air and earth know the end is soon to come. Yet, we humans define any change as the end. When it is never the end only the sudden change of all things. Even in prophecy it is all about change with a possible intelligent understanding. Yet, so many humans who think of any prophecy as communicated by any intelligent source declares all prophecies as an absolute. This is incorrect as any prophecy is only a probability of occurrence.  If that occurrence be an absolute then a mitigation can alter an absolute outcome of total destruction or total extinction.
Humanity is the biggest enemy of the self (Itself). The Prophets of God as defined by every culture have spoken the words of events to soon come. Most of which have incorrectly tied the prophetic events to be some kind of final Judgement put on the evil deeds of the people or even the whole planet. The truth is harder to cope with. Just as I was wrong as a child to blame God for all of my own pains and sorrows. It is also wrong for you to blame God for whatever you define as your own perceived pains and sorrows. Debate as you will but eventually you will discover that it is truly bad people who do bad things by their own free will. It is not God who has done those bad things to you or has even allowed it to happen. Even on a planet of created beings who were made free. Free to do as they will. Free to suffer their own consequences of their own actions at every level of their global society.

Here in the USA. A major change is to come. Which will be decidedly planned as an end. But, with any planned ending comes a new beginning and that is the purpose. Even if there are to be much suffering and death. Even if the new beginning has been planned out by very intelligent and patient generational evildoers. Because, in the case of this modern humanity. The end of this now old modern world will give birth to a new ultra modern world. A new world which will only cater to the select generational minority and the rest shall be enslaved. A planet full of generational slaves who will know nothing else than their designed place in life.
But, things will go wrong for those selected humans who will be in charge of this new world to come. As has been done in the past by those who are so far superior to mere humans. So will it be done again. The fallen will perish and the near total human population will mindlessly follow the fallen to their own deaths. Even into war with the angels of the I AM. There will be no mercy in this war.

Consider this a last warning for Americans and the world. Since there is not a replacement for the elder Billy Graham. There is and has been an absence of great Christian spokespersons within the USA and world. This is a sign. When there is not a definitive person who speaks and has that spiritual presence as Billy Graham has/had. This is a sign for the USA and it is not a good sign.
I shall be one of the many who welcomes The great Billy Graham into the Heavens. Even though I still live in this human form in this present day. Anything is possible when in a timeless state of being.
 All dates are for God. God does and will manipulate the actions of others for HIS own benefit. Especially, those who are in a (judged) state of reprobation. Those who are in a (judged) state of reprobation no longer have the freedom to change into a good person, a good religion, a good church/synagogue/mosque/temple, A good city, a good nation or even a good planet. The fires of purification come.
I do believe that Anne Graham Lotz may be onto something for the coming date of July 07 2014. She has asked everyone to pray and fast.
Except I think this date should be extended through July 22 28, 2014. With another warning for after the passing of The Great Billy Graham. For how much time. I'm uncertain. Either way, You should prepare.

This is what will be of importance. You the individual common person. Must do of your own free will. Must do because you internally know it is the right thing to do. All without duress, threat or fear or intimidation of any kind.

Flee from all sin.
Repent of all of your sins.
Sin no more.
Love one another.
Live in peace with everyone.
Exist in harmony with all things.
Life is important.
Endure and remain faithful to the end.

By doing those things in purple. You will be starting on a new journey for yourself. Even if you are or were as bad of a person as I was, or even worse. If you can still calmly choose to do good without any expectancy of any reward or accolade. Then you may still not be in reprobation. But, the last evil deed you ever do will cause the judgement of reprobation upon you and you will not even be aware of it. That judgement is of God and not of any human being or angel. No mater their status or level of Angel.

I still believe that all of the bad and sad prophecies ever communicated can be altered, prevented and or mitigated. 

Although the probability of my belief seems to be becoming more of a slight possibility.
It might be a very good idea to divest yourself from NYC and to leave the entire region ASAP. Forever.
Do you live or own property down stream the Hoover dam or in Las Vegas. Divest and leave.
Added on 07 July 2014:
 Corrected an extended date from 22 July thru 28 July. The date may yet still be incorrect. It may be the 20th of July 2014.

Out of planned chaos brings forth a new planned order. Look for a planned event to precede any fundamental change. There shall always be much suffering and death through any planned chaos and then more suffering and death when a planned corrective order emerges. Which will all be explained away. All decent-ion will be ridiculed.
Added on 09 July 2014:
Well another date has passed 07 July 2014. No major event within the USA. The window can still be through the 22nd or 28th of July of 2014. I think it is unlikely. The year 2014 for the Muslim holidays can be in error as 2015 and 2016 is also plausible.
There is also a theory that the IMF is gonna take over all of the money and it must destroy the USA financially. So, goes the dates of 07-20 July 2014. All because of a video from the woman in January who for some odd reason counted numbers of the occult. Go to the paranoid sites for her video. I forget her name. The queen of the IMF. Not really the queen. Just forgot her title and name.
Think about this. Lets just say you have a nuclear weapon and a form of delivery system. As soon as you can get the two devices together and set up prearranged flight plans. Would you just go or wait for a special date where you add numbers together or the special dates of your chosen celebrated day? I just don't buy it. I think a celebrated day would be the one of your own creation and not of one to be copied.
Although, I still think the passing of Billy Graham is a sign against the USA and the world. Simply because there is no one who has replaced this great man and that is a sign. The last great Christian. The other signs is the fall of the Christian religion one denomination at a time. Hence, The fallen cross will be worn to celebrate the final fall of Christianity.
I do think it is important to attempt to delay the near extinction of all humanity. Even if the great Billy Graham must be artificially kept alive for as long as possible. Yep, and that would be cruel for the family and yet a benefit for humanity. Interesting concept if you believe that the great Billy Graham is and always has been a prophecy key. I myself do believe it. I also, think that as long as Billy Graham is alive in some fashion. That the final days of mankind may be prolonged and of course what would GOD do or allow HIS angels do? If the Graham family and organization decided to artificially keep Billy Graham alive. Would GOD and HIS angels intervene? Well, GOD is gonna do what GOD is gonna do and he don't need any human permission or interpretation to do HIS own will.

Well, I incorrectly thought that The great Billy Graham has retired. Well, here is some news for July 07, 2014. About a new production of Billy Graham slated for release on 07 Nov 2014: His 96th Birthday. I'm smiling about this event.
Added on 04 May 2017:
I just found this. Someone in Russia read it, I think. I made a few changes. The blue words to purple. A couple of word errors. Which changes the meanings. Yes, I'm a writer who doesn't write very well. Just find the meaning and real message from my mistakes. I do the best I can.
New York  and the Hoover Dam have not been destroyed. The great Reverend Billy Graham is still alive. I still think he is one of the keys to prophecy. I still think that so as long he remains alive. There is hope for us all. As of today, I do not think there is a replacement for this great man. That should be a very real concern for anyone who follows and charts prophecies. No matter your culture or religion.
God will Judge all of us. This judgement is based on our collective evil even though we each will be individually judged. For many they will become the living judged and thus prevented from freely choosing of becoming a good being. In the grand scheme of things. Prophecy does not matter. Only your personal decision to be obedient to the laws of God by your own free choice. The purple words above.
I still think in order to prevent all of the bad and sad prophecies ever spoken or written in human history. Can be completely altered, mitigated and or prevented. No matter the culture or religion. This is through the purple words above and below.
What is interesting is I have been following dates for many years now. I actually try to find those date setters who specifically say were all gonna die on some set date. Every year I find a dozen or so date setters and so far they are always wrong. But, eventually someone will nail the date or come really close. So what!!! what is the point of knowing the date that human extinction begins and everyone knows it. Should we all not try to prevent it? Isn't it more than just depending on some new technology or resource. What if it is about the purple words below. What if the indigenous peoples have one of the keys? Should we want to be in the good graces of all of our Heavenly Father. Should we all just continue to sing and dance when HE and HIS SON return in wrath and Judgement? The Christians seem to be only singing and dancing at his coming. While at the same time doing nothing and accepting sin into their holy places. But, the state or coming end of the world via a purifying fire is not all about what the Christians do or don't do. It is about all of humanity. Even the Russians and Islamic peoples. Even the Chinese and Indians. Even the ultra modern humans and the indigenous peoples. End of days prophecies is about all of us everywhere. Because, you may feel safer becoming a doomsday prepper in America or by following the concerns of the Russian leadership for you to prepare for an attack by the west and America. Either way it doesn't matter much. When the purification by fire upon the entire planet cannot be survived while on the planet. Not even by the political elites in any country hiding away in their DUMB COG's. The entire planet may become a liquid molten ball of fire. That is one interpretation of Bible prophecy. This may be defined by God as a must because of the complete contamination of the planet by human beings. Only God knows and He doesn't send me any emails and I'm not a prophet.
A last note. Maybe? Have you ever seen or known of a prophecy actually coming true? Actually lived as it was unfolding and watching it through? I have only recently and it was through a completely different culture and religion. A key word has been pressed into my mind. It is "Confluence". It became pressed as I was just looking through some native tribe news in regards to the Grand Canyon. The word confluence just stuck even when my mind went elsewhere. Then comes the Standing Rock Protest of North Dakota and the Black Snake Prophecy of the tribes up there. The dimensionality of the prophecy and I know it is linked to other prophecies as it is even linked to the actual confluence of the rivers. This is even ongoing today, as the black blood of the black snake may only right now be flowing. I watched it for 10 months. I know there are people who only want to destroy the planet, while others just mindlessly obey their orders for a paycheck.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.  
To exist in harmony with all.  
To Cherish all life.  
To be obedient to the Laws of God.  
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.  
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