Thursday, July 3, 2014

Classified Corporate Changes: 02 July 2014:

Classified in house corporate policy changes which infringe on the basic freedoms of employees, associates, team members. Is already known to be wrong as agreed upon by the demigods.  
This is a simple form of reasoning when you know your corporate hierarchy has become a group of self diluting demigods. When your corporate structure can enact policy change which governs all of the actions and finances of all of those persons who are in the corporates payroll. Even to the point of what each person chooses to do on their own time and with the monies each person has earned from that very same corporate structure.
This has nothing to do with morality or sin. Immorality and sin can bring disease into the physical business. Drinking, drugs (legal and illegal) and smoking can bring in health, productivity, safety and legal hazards into the business.
The simple act of a retailer forbidding it's own employees from shopping in any of their stores on their off time with the monies they have earned from that retail corporate entity. Then that very same corporate entity threatening their cashiers with absolute dismissal over not checking to inquire if the employee is allowed to buy that product. This would be heinous and gross actions impeding of simple freedoms of people. Where and how you can spend your monies on your own free time. That is just wrong.
The lawyers who would be in the authority of agreeing with the creation of this policy change should be accused of just being stupid and recommended to seek employment in a field that is free from reason and common sense. 
Can you imagine the unemployment claims or law suit opportunities or news media coverage of a fired employee.Especially, if the corporate structure is a non-profit. Where the corporate demigods are making huge incomes and bonuses while the employees make the standard minimum wage or less. Especially, when the cost of a living wage has been highlight in the news by various news media outlets over McDonalds and Walmart.
"Yes, I was fired for shopping in the store on my own free time and with the monies I have earned from that store."
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