Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Supernatural Normalcy: (Unedited): 25 June 2014:

Those who continually dwell within the supernatural on a daily basis, only know the normalcy of their intimate interactions. 
The word intimate is not and has nothing to do with any kind of physical intimacy.
This quote was inspired from listening to Jonathan Kleck show.
25 June 2014
It is physically and mentally overwhelming for any human being to experience anything supernatural. Including all things spiritual as defined by the current understanding of a common spiritualist. To remain awake or to become awakened can be difficult especially when your natural spiritual state is that of spiritual slumber.
Becoming awakened can be exhilarating or frightening. The how your spirit becomes awakened is very important.
So it is important to show much compassion for those who are asleep or who become awakened and fall back asleep. To force a spirit to remain awake may not be very healthy or wise. Not even Jesus in the garden forced his friends, brothers, apostles to remain awake. When the spirit falls back to sleep. It is probably an indication from the spirit to the mind and body. That the physical being is not yet ready for any more of the super natural. The physical being must go through an adaptation to anything which is super natural. It can take time for the person to become accustomed to the one thing which is super natural.
Many people or the majority of people cannot handle the super natural on a daily basis. But, like a new baby who can only eat from the breast. Takes in just enough to ease the pain of an empty stomach and when the new baby eats to much becomes sleepy. So, to is the beginning level of the super natural. The eyes becoming accustomed to unexplainable daily coincidences, which seemed to not be seen before and yet now are daily experiences. Once the awakened person becomes accustomed to these baby coincidences and chooses to fight off the sleep. The next advancement of baby steps shall begin and this will often times be directed by the spirit within and geared directly to the individual experience. All for the individuals development and evolution.
Be warned. Those who are righteous and those who care not for things which are righteous. Will experience two different approaches to the super natural. One path may be slow in growth, which may focus on love, peace, harmony, life, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. While the other path may be quick in the selfish desires for acquiring powers, rites, rituals and authorities.

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