Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spiritual Compass: (Unedited): 22 June 2014:

The kind of spiritual awakening you welcome will be defined by your own internal sense of righteousness and how you live your life in accordance to that singular compass. 
Are you good or bad? Are you wise or ignorant? Do you care or are you full of apathy? Does righteousness matter or is it even a fundamental truth? The ten commandments is it to induce a slave mind or is it a logical lesson for a life worth living?
What about the good angels or the bad angels? Are they real? Was there truly a war in the heavens and the rebellious angels cast down to earth creating a prison planet? Were the fallen angels the ones who invaded this planet and brought to us sciences and practices as defined by them? Are the historical gods of legend really those fallen angels ruling over humanity? Does this mean that the alien invasion of Earth already occurred in Earth's ancient history? Is humanity still today suffering and learning from these imprisoned alien's inside of the earth? Am I allowed to even mix the terms angels and aliens?

Are you concerned at all that the reason for the war in the heavens was over the humans on this planet? and that the most direct contact with spiritual beings may be from those fallen angels who only want to cause humanities extinction. It is not enough for humanity to become extinct but for humanity to cause their own extinction. Isn't that a more effective form of warfare. To cause your enemy to kill themselves. This is logical and efficient. Especially when your being is mostly trapped deep in the bottomless pit. The fallen angels using their own superior natural abilities can still manipulate the lesser, weaker and unknowing minds of humanity in order to influence humanity to obey their subtle wills. Thus, can be seen in the changing of belief systems. The renewed questioning of rights and freedoms which surround morality which is spreading across the world.
Beware, those of you who are spiritually awakened. You to can still achieve a righteous purity in spite of the certain religious, cultural poisons which are right now surging through your mind and into the altering of your very DNA. It is true. What you think to be real about yourself is altered in your DNA until you become it. This works both ways. One way for a sinful life and the other for a righteous life. Just as a sinner can become righteous a righteous person can become a sinner. Until, such a point as reprobation is judged upon them.
If you believe that the innocence of life can be aborted. Then you are one of the deceived.
If you believe that self love is your absolute and apathy for everything else is OK. Then you are one of the deceived.
If you believe that war and conflict is the normal state of being. Then you are one of the deceived.
If you believe that chaos is something to create or maintain in order for you to profit from. Then you are one of the deceived.
To be a religious person and yet still dawn the uniform of warfare is another deception. You cannot in truth practice your religion of love, of peace, of harmony and go off into hells battlefield to hate all, to make war and to create chaos. There is great deceptions involved. In which all of it comes from the imprisoned fallen angels. Then when humanity accidentally or on purpose release the imprisoned angels. They will then be free to do as they will. The pure saints of each of the religions will fall to martyrdom. With little or no notice from the world. The vast majority of the population of the world will begin to worship the world leaders as the gods they will appear to be like. Everyone will love the world ruler. Which is when the armies of GOD will come and all of the military's of the world will fight against Jehovah. Thus, bringing together the whole truth of prophecy. All of it from all peoples and religions/faiths.

For you to evolve you must accept of your own free will these things.
1)Life is important.
2)Love is important.
3)Peace is important.
4)Harmony is important.
These four things are a logical formula and must be obeyed. If the logical formula is contaminated in any way. The outcome of life is fundamentally lessened or continually diminished until the point in which life cannot be sustained. 
Those few who have become awakened within the purity of the laws of righteousness. Will become changed in the twinkling of an eye. They will be the ones who evolve to the higher state of being. Within them will not be fear only the expectancy of continuation into the next. In which their bodies may not be shed but transformed.
At this point not even the fallen angels will be able to have influence over the righteously evolved.
So, In which direction does your compass point? Into the heavens or deep into the earth? What is the condition of your compass? Is is purely clean or contaminated? and to what degree? Does degree even matter to the holy divine?
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